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Delayed problems after stroke?

Guest Pamela

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Hello. Im wondering if I might ask for some information please. My OH aged early 60's had a stroke in Feb which was not at the time classed as a TIA , but a proper stroke but mild. It affected his right side of the brain. Initially he lost speech, and the use of the left side . Mild neglect of his left side . Speech sorted out within a couple of days, use of his left side bit by bit over about 5 weeks . Very very lucky I know, but physically he was (apart from tiredness of course), with the help of physio , back to normal within 6 weeks or so.

Normal for him has always been a bit on the moody , couch potato ,irritable side , but even when unreasonable, he was logical. By two months post stroke, these things appeared to be just the same level as before. We are nine months down the line now , but during the last month, hes been getting increasingly angry, cross, irritable, unreasonable, illogical, demanding, selfish and self centred and very inflexible. Whereas after the stroke I was relieved to find his ability to sort out things such things as a technical problem etc seemed ok , now Im also noticing that he avoids undertaking anything which requires working out stuff - Because hes avoiding it, I dont know whether he can actually do it any more , but the whole situation is worrying me.

Its not a big thing in comparison to what lots of you are struggling with in your after stroke survival, but I hope no one minds me coming on to ask

---Is it possible/normal/likely that a change in personality /ability could still be due to the Feb stroke ? Can there be delayed effects in other words, or could this be signs of another coming ? Any thoughts would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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Hi Pamela

Welcome sorry to hear your Other Half seems to be getting worse if you're really worried have a word with your G.P.

It could also be loss of confidence and depression causing the change which is quite normal and can take a while to come on. I think at first we alll feel so glad to have survived that when we come down from that high it can have a very emotional effect.

We certainly don't mind you coming on thats what we're here for to offer help and advice to fellow sufferers and their friends and family feel free to ask whatever you need someone will always try to answer.

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Hi and welcome certainly not easy to live with i know, but if he is unable to do the things he used to do or even find them much more of an effort, maybe frustration could be part of it , my wife had an sah so i know nothing about stroke as such but i do know that merrills recovery seems to go in phases, and that she constantley changes, some days she's up and another down, maybe you could talk to you gp Good luck Rod

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Hi Pamela,

Sorry to hear about your Other Half going through this and for you also this can't be easy .. but we are here to help if we can...

I also had a stroke which resulted in the same kind of symptoms, about the same time scale also, I became frustrated, tired, angry, cross, irritable, unreasonable, selfish and self centred blamed everyone but myself, I used to say after explaining things "You do Not Understand" over and over even if my wife or friends did understand... but mainly I felt guilty for having a stroke and the lives it changed.. And yes Janet is right I was depressed and lost my confidence.. and again Janet is right it is quite normal, and common in a lot of people who had had a stroke. But sadly not talked about as much as it should be....

You should get help from your local Community Stroke Team if you have one or from the Acute Stroke Service..

As Janet says in her post talk to your GP first he should be able to point you to the best people to help...

Hope this has helped you..

Take care

Love Brian M A xxxx

Stroke Survivor

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Thank you all . Not sure whether my own doctor would be much help as she doesnt even know my OH, but think I will go and see the stroke team where he was rehabilitated. Many thanks for your support . I am starting to think its probably just exactly what youve all suggested - a coming down to earth after feeling hes 'made it ' fairly unscathed , and suddenly maybe realizing hes not quite as unscathed as he thought. That would make sense. My kindest thoughts and hopes for all of you -- the way is up. x

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