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Government (UK) review into ABI Strategy: Call for evidence

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Thought this might be of interest to those on here in the UK. 

The ABI strategy, announced by the government in December 2021, has been championed by Chris Bryant MP with support from Headway and other brain injury charities.


Importantly, the government is seeking the views of brain injury survivors, carers and family members as well as charities and professionals supporting those living with ABI as part of the consultation. Rather than a formal consultation on specific proposals, the call for evidence constitutes a request for ideas on which the strategy programme board can build, with the board acknowledging that people living with ABI need support from a range of services.


Those completing the survey will be asked what the strategy should look to cover to better support people living with an acquired brain injury, including but not limited to health and social care, access to employment opportunities and benefits, and housing.


Having over the years having held a number of discussions on this forum about differing patient pathways, differences in benefit application successes, differing ongoing support for those with ABI and their families, this is an opportunity to contribute to the shape of the government review into how things should be improved going forward.


I have just completed the survey and it is fairly straight forward. You can either treat it very much as tick box type responses or you can add more bespoke answers. You can do a little bit of it at a time and come back to it if you need to.


It isn't often we can so easily make our voices heard, so I would commend this to you if you feel you can spare a little bit of time



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