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Central or Thalamic Pain post SAH

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Despite having a SAH over 7 years ago, I still have sensory problems and some weakness affecting the whole left side of my body. I can only describe the pain as a constant deep burning sensation with lacerating sharp pains in my left hand, arm, leg and head. If I knock myself anywhere on my left side it is very painful. The sharp pains have lessened over this time but cold weather and touch makes it worse. I still find it hard to tell the difference between hot/cold. I saw a pain specialist who tried me on a drug called gabapentin. Unfortunately it did not help so I asked to talked to a pain psychologist who introduced me to the idea of Mindfulness practice and also referred me to a physiotherapist.

Over time I am no longer worrying about the pain and I am more used to being in this body of mine. I'll never forgot my neurosurgeon saying 6 weeks after my op that I would get used to the pain. Despite the fear and struggle at first I am now calmer and happier in this body and maybe he was right.

I am very interested to here about others experiences of pain post SAH and what folks have found helpful.

Best wishes,

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