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supplements which may enhance memory

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Momo........thanks for that. I'm sure some may have help from it, so things to think about, and I'll keep my eye on it.

Hey...I'm quoting from myself! This is a follow on from what Momo noted.

I thought some may find this interesting. Obviously you have to reason and balance from what you read or hear.....but that is life isn't it.

I noted this from a personal experience that I thought I would share. It is not well heard or watched but it may ring some bells to some. It rang bells to me with me having Aphasia and touched on some points that I have mentioned on my Aphasia page which Jaykay had picked up on about my IQ levels.

He spoke very good English, but with any accent I struggle. Judge it for yourself, and with my favourite word be 'balanced' about it.

So if it helps with Memory, Concentration and with me on Comprehension, don't close the doors.

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Very interesting - luckily I worked for 3 years with a Spaniard and a Chilean with very strong accents so his was easy for me :)

I've just signed up for the free e-book called "The power of self caring". I shall read it with an open mind....

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