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Follow up procedure

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Hi everone, hope all is well with yous all

I recieved a phone call yesterday ,regarding my follow up.

I have to go into the Southern next month for my check up

I have been informed by Neuro secretary that i have to have another angio

I explained to her my anxiety about these

I did not find them plesant at all

She has said i can discuss this at my assesment which i have to go for 1st as there will be help there for me to help me relax before the procedure is to be carried out

She done a questionaire over the phone, questions like do i live an hours drive from the hospital and would there be a responsible adult in the house with me overnight.

Obviously this is because of the chance of a bleed ,from the groin after the angio

I suffered a bleed from the groin before, so this is another concern

So i dont know if it will be an overnight for me or home 6 hrs later

Hopefully it will be the latter

Will keep yous posted when i have to go in

Take care xx

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Hi Angela

I had my follow up angio in February and was asked similary questions, even told that I wouldn't be allowed to go home by public transport! I live 35 miles away from Edinburgh Western General! I was told that if my angio was done in the morning then I would go home but if it was the afternoon then it would be an overnight stay, it's all to do with having to lay flat for 6 hours and the docs going home at 5pm!. I too was very, very nervous and because of that they took me first and I went to theatre at 8.45. We stayed in Edinburgh the previous night because I had to call at 7am to make sure that they had a bed for me and we would have had to leave Galashiels at 6.30am to get to the hospital for 8am! I was never offered anything to help me relax but would have taken it! But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but the feeling of relief when he said "well that's you done" was wonderful! He was also able to tell me then that everything looked good and that was also a huge relief.

Good luck and I hope all goes well for you.

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hI Liz. Thanks for your reply, Haven't a clue as yet when to go in or a time,all i know its next month.

But last time i went in it was in the morning so here's hoping

Suppose i shouldn;t be that anxious, we all on this site have come through a lot worse

take care xx

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Wishing the very best Angela for the forthcoming angio next month. Can't say I found them very nice either and I can't see that I will get through life without having another one at some point! I would ask if you can have something to calm you down - I know I did when I had the coiling as I was in such a state. Don't think you would be normal if you weren't anxious - I hope it goes well and you don't have another bleed from your groin - that must be just another worry for you.

Take care


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