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Apology received from Atos Healthcare!

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Gosh I don't quite believe it! As some of you may know, the Stroke Assoc recommended I get my MP involved in my ESA appeal. Well, he's been keeping me posted on all the feedback he gets and today I received a copy of a letter to the MP from Atos. This is what it says:

(Background history is that I had the SAH and brain surgery in Feb whilst temping so therefore had no income. I was given ESA but then attended medical and got zero points despite cognitive issues and crippling post-stroke fatigue. We also queried whether the decision to send me for a medical was taken by an admin person or medical practitioner).

Here is the text of the letter with interesting bits in bold!

"Jobcentre Plus in xxx forwarded a copy of your letter to them on 8 Oct 2010 together with correspondence from Ms Jaykay. On receipt I immediately commenced an investigation into the concerns raised relating to Ms Jaykay's medical assessment for ESA held at xxx on 22 June 2010.

In respect of the guidelines, I can confirm that consideration is given to each referral from Jobcentre Plus, to decide whether a medical assessment is required in accordance with ESA legislation. The decision to ask Ms Jaykay to attend for an assessment was made by a healthcare professional, as only those people with the most severe physical or mental restrictions are placed into the support group and do not have an assessment for ESA.

However, as a result of our investigation I have advised Jobcentre Plus that the medical report provided on 22 June has not been completed appropriately. It should have contained a record of cognitive testing and also taken more account of the fatigue experienced by Ms Jaykay. Jobcentre Plus decide entitlement to benefit based on all available evidence and they will now consider how our investigation impacts on the benefit claim and whether a further medical assessment is required. If Ms Jaykay wishes to discuss the claim with them she can call 0845....

Our Medical Manager will provide additional training to the examining doctor to ensure all future work is in accordance with professional standards.

I sincerely apologise on behalf of Atos Healthcare for the deficiencies identified within this medical report and for upset caused to Ms Jaykay by the delay in starting the assessment. (this relates to the TWO HOUR wait I had to endure at the medical!!)

Yours sincerely...."

So, good news but as my partner says, it's disgusting that we have had to go to these lengths. The squeaky wheel gets the oil: I'm lucky I have had support to do this as in my current state I would have just given up at the first hurdle. Oh but that would have just "proved that I was faking it", as the media say....

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