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Fuzzy Head

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Hi All

Just a quick one I am 14 months after coiling and not doing too bad but am starting to experience humming in head and echoey noises when out in town, mainly happens immediately after getting up from sitting down position, only lasts few minutes. My blood pressure is OK. I have been doing really well but as we all seem to experience when everything is going OK the exhaustion returns. Touch wood the headaches seem to be having a rest. My GP is happy with me but just wondered if the humming, ringing, echoey noises are common with anyone.

Bye now going to try some gardening!!!



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Guest Mummybear

Hi John

I'm 23mths post sah and i still experience the humming and i find loud noises penetrate my head at 100 decibels which in turn echos, so i would say what you're getting is perfectly normal. :)

I'm pleased you're doing so well John and i hope you enjoyed your gardening this afternoon. :)

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