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  1. Hi everybody I haven't been on here for months but still ticking over. As I spend lots of my time at home I tend to watch soaps with my wife. I noticed that Cain Dingle suffered a ruptured aneurysm and after some persuading had a procedure which I think was coiling but then a miracle happened the very next day he is back on the farm as if nothing had happened. Some people really believe this, I am eight years post coiling and am still not recovered. If anybody knows Cain's neuro surgeon please tell me. I think these producers should research a little more as the general public can be gulli
  2. Hi everybody Its been a long time since I posted on here. Basically down to laziness and various ailments. Its now nearly eight years since my original embolization and many of you will remember that I had problems with the neurology department who stated that my coiled aneurysm had developed a neck and may have to be further embolized and was dangerous to leave but nothing ever happened. Well yesterday after a further scan my GP received a letter from Neurology at the Heath Hospital in Cardiff that the neurosurgeon and neuroradiologist have now decided that I should have a further emboliz
  3. Hi All<br> Haven't been on for ages but this subject has stirred me up once again and I must once again reply in the hope that non contributors may read this. I suffered a stroke 25 years ago and an SAH 6 years ago and the things that have been said to me from so called good friends and other persons still disgusts me.<br> Examples are, " John how long is this ****** stroke going to last ", " Throw away that walking stick for God's sake " ( I suffer from spinal arthritis ), " Don't be so miserable and get a life " ( said to me because I couldn't go out boozing ), " You must be
  4. Hi Congratulations Louise what an achievement not only for you but it gives all of us something to look forward to. Its a terrible shame about your memories of your Mum and Dad, fortunately I can remember mine but I have little recollection of my childhood and trying through various means to remedy that but not doing very well. Well done and keeping on adding the years Cheers John
  5. Hi Juliette I am now 5 years post coiling and still suffer if I overdo things. I start to get headaches, am unsteady on my feet, irritable, bad tempered and get very tired. I do try to do as my body tells me which quite frequently is to rest but I have a tendency to ignore it and suffer for it. Only yesterday we went shopping and intended just to go to Marks and Spencers ( you'll know where - Cwmbran ) we met friends and walked a lot further than I intended and I am at this very moment reclined in a chair still feeling the effects. So the moral of the story is as many will say " Do as you
  6. Hi Donna Thanks for that I'll have to find out how to do that. Cheers John
  7. Hi again Lynne You definitely know where I'm coming from. I'm going off topic a little but due to my aneurysm and other problems I am in receipt of certain benefits thanks to CAB and have to reapply early 2012. When you read certain articles in paper it aggravates your concerns but I tend to switch off now. Never mind perhaps the X Factor will cheer me up:-D:-D now I'm really sad still the missus likes it!!! Cheers John
  8. Hi . Yes Lynne I agree with your comments about the Mail, I just wish these reporters would get their facts right but they seem to get away with it and cause frustration and worry at the same time. I can bet you now that there will be somebody I know will comment on this article saying words to the effect " There you are you can't be that bad look at that woman in the Mail " I hope I'm in a good mood that day, needless to say the paper is in the bin. Cheers John
  9. Hi All I refer you all to an article in today's Sunday Mail dated 30.10.11. in the Review Supplement headed "The tiny coil of wire that saves thousands from a stroke It gave me the impression that coiling was just a walk in the park and the lady states " The pain just went I felt tired and needed a week in bed, but after that I was fine" she also states that she has been given the all clear and her health is back on track Did I have the same proocedure because after five years I am in no way " back on track" nor would it seem are many of us on BTG. I don't think the lady concerned inten
  10. RESULT As a result of e mailing and talking to the Concerns Manager she contacted the neuros secretary who told me my appointment would now be in December 2011. I again made my views known and lo and behold the registrar rang me and gave me the result over the phone which was relatively good so at least my mind has been put to rest for now. It does seem so unfair that all those with appointments after me now take over and I go back to the end but thats the way it goes. The Concerns Manager(never heard of that job before ) assures me she will be looking into this. Cheers John
  11. Hi All Just a little story. Last year I had a follow up appointment with the neuro on Thursday 9th September 2010 for the result of my scan. At about 2pm the day before I received a telephone call from the hospital that my appointment was cancelled as my consultant had to go to a meeting.This appointment was re-arranged for Thursday 10th February 2011 a further five months. On that day I received my next appointment for Thursday 8th September 2011 for the result of my next scan which I had in August 2011. UNBELIEVABLY Yesterday Wednesday 7th September 2011 at 2pm I received a phone call
  12. Hi All Just a quick one. I am due the results of my scan in just over a week and recently I have been experiencing the feeling that I am wearing a hat when in fact I'm not. I have read in previous posts that some of you experience strange feelings just wondering if this is one of them. I am 5 years post coiling and will be discussing this with my neuro. Cheers John
  13. Hi Janet As others have said you should be able to see another doctor on the day you ring. I was told after my coiling by my own GP that if I felt that unwell and was unable to see a GP to go straight to Accident and Emergency, this I did on two occasions because I was worried just like you. I was told everything was OK and that it was early days, at no time did they say I was panicking and were very helpful. Although you are experiencing these problems which is normal you should get checked out. Chin Up Regards John
  14. Hi Great news got my scan tomorrow (yes Saturday) hope your luck comes my way. Cheers John
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