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Five years down the line, and my family and I are still waiting on an answer as to whether my dad is at the right stage of needing adaptations to the house.

Some of you already know the story and are aware that my dad is physically disabled and requires so much equipment for everyday use. We've run out of space, my mother sleeps on an old fold out chair which is a step away from my dad's commode. He has a rickety canvas cupboard packed with clothes, equipment, pads, cleansing foam etc. A box at the foot of his bed full of carer's items. Our lounge is our dining room, dad's bedroom, dad's bathroom. Our box room is filled with benefit letters, solicitor letters, leaflets, boxes, clothes, old equipment, computer parts.

Four people live in this house, and we have a garage full of junk. Surely the option would be to adapt our garage to make my dad's bedroom. No, of course not, said the council. Our house is a corner house and the drainage for all the other houses is attached to our own. So we can't adapt it in any way.

Our other option is to move houses. I admit, we weren't so keen on that at first, but figured it would be the next best option. At least when my brother and I move out, we'll know that our parents are in a safe area. In the mean time, until my parents are settled and my mum isn't relying on my brother and I as much to help, we're all moving together.

The council said that they would only be able to house my mum and dad. So now they want to seperate the family! Five years down the line, and we're still nowhere. I'm sure many of you understand the daily struggle of making two ends meet to support your family, especially if they're still recovering from their illness. It's never easy, and never will be. But the help we're entitled to never comes and we're all left in the dark until somebody tells you, years after you needed the help, that there WAS more than one or two options. The problem always boils down to money.

Our solicitor and social worker told us to look for a new house, so we did. We found plenty that were suitable for adaptation and perfectly located. But it was for nothing, because we were told that they still can't house all of us and won't help pay for the down payment on the mortgage, when they previously said they would.

I don't want to sound dramatic, and I'm sure there are families worse off than we are, but it's difficult to see your mother in the morning looking so worn out and close to breaking point. Is there anybody who knows what options are available? All we want is to move house and give my dad the aid he needs. We're not asking for a million pounds. Just HELP with payment to the house, and then that's enough of us asking anybody else for help because, frankly, nobody listens except for the people in the same boat as you.

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