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I've been experimenting with cue cards as they are visual and don't require much thinking to use.

Whenever I cry from my 'Pseudobulbar affect-PBA' (emotional incontinence), I read little funny notes my husband leaves for me around the house that all start with, 'You're crying because..." and they are total cliches or ridiculous statements.

Whenever I have difficulty making an easy decision quickly , I have a picture card with a man sitting on a fence with a bucket over his head. it helps me refocus instantly...maybe it's the jarring image.

I wish I could figure out how to speak my ideas eloquently like I used to though. I have an idea, then it come out of my mouth in the strangest most difficult way...beating around the proverbial bush until I finally get it out. Where's the cue care for that one?

Please share your helpful tricks.


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