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Hi all,

After my SAH and stroke, I was in a medically induced coma for 14 days. When I was finally able to get up again a month later, I had a condition called 'foot drop' or 'drop foot' where my toes dragged the ground when I went to walk. With physical therapy and time, it has gotten better...but, I still have a lot of issues with squatting down or bending over for any period of time or my ankles feel like they are on fire.

Last night I cleaned out from under my bed (granted I hadn't done that in about 5 years lol and my bedroom is also the laundry room)...but today I can barely walk for the pain in my ankles. My toes are numb and I'm just 'drained'.

Has anyone else had problems with foot drop after SAH or stroke? And if so, could you tell me how long these symptoms will go on. I'm wondering if my feet will ever go back to just being you know...feet lol.



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Hi Stephanie

Sorry I can't really help. I think it is definitely worth mentioning to your g.p. What I do notice is that if I am exhausted which usually happens when I'm using both mental and physical energy e.g rummaging and sorting it will exacerbate my physical weaknesses e.g one of my legs will be weaker my co-ordination will be very poor.

Good luck with things and take care you are not over exerting yourself.

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