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Hi everyone.

My sister suffered a SAH on 7th May 2012. She is progressing and is now starting to eat more and is enjoying food again.

She suffers every few weeks from bouts of sneezing and a feeling like fluid running down the back of throat. Has anyone else experienced this? The muscles in her arms and shoulder are sore a lot of the time. She does not suffer from headaches at all.


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Hi Sally,

Pleased to hear your sister is making progress. I can't offer help on the sneezing but I have had on and off shoulder pain since my coiling and SAH. My GP thinks that maybe there was a little nerve damage when they placed in a external ventricular drain.

I am not sure if your sister had additional surgery but they do place you in some wierd and wonderful positions during which can affect the ligaments. Mine is improving with gentle massage to the tender area.

Best wishes.

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