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Dave, new member, saying hello


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I first came across the site when I was looking for information on the law regarding driving with an untreated aneurysm.

Karen has been very helpful and suggested that I join the forum.

I've been reading a number of posts and have been interested to see the wide range of experiences that people are going through.

I'm 55 years old with a number of health issues, I have a genetic kidney disease, leaking heart valve and have bouts of ventricular tachycardia. Was coping well with these issues but in September last year I had two major seizures and was hospitalised on both occasions.

Whilst investigations into the seizures were carried out, it was found by MRI that I have a small aneurysm, the neurosurgeon doesn't want to operate at this stage but is monitoring it.

I have until September last, made my living as a Motorcycle Instructor, but as a result of the seizures, had to surrender my licence, am now worried that I will also have to report the aneurysm, and that even when the epilepsy is controlled that I won't be able to regain my licence.

Any thoughts?


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Hi Dave, I hope you are doing ok. Welcome to BTG. Sorry to hear you can't teach bikers for a while.

It's may be a question for your GP. I posted up a link to a guidance document on the DVLA thread and I know a couple of other members got good support from their GP. I think the rules are clear that there is always license removal when there is seizure or any invasive head surgery, but less clear after that. But it appears that If the anneurism is considered managed whether coiled or uncoiled then you are probably ok.

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