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ElaineJ - hello


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Hi. I've been looking in on this site for the best part of 2 years now and thought it about time I introduce myself properly! I had my SAH in June 2011. Spent 2 weeks in Heath hospital Cardiff where I was coiled. Spent another 2 weeks at home on the settee with a pillow over my head, then I emerged and and decided I was all better !

I was determined (obsessively so) to get back driving and spent the next fortnight nagging doctors and chasing up DVLA. It was totally unclear as to whether I could/should drive but no one was saying a definite 'no' so at about 7 weeks post SAH that was what I did. I started driving, went shopping and tried to pretend nothing was wrong. Looking back I can see how ill I was but it didnt seem to register at the time. Until a few weeks later my brain more or less 'broke down'. Couldnt get words to form, could barely move etc. I just didnt understand what was happening or why

I was admitted to the local hospital (non specialist)who couldnt find anything with me, although in retrospect I think it was probably extreme fatigue due to majorly overdoing it. However I didnt understand this at the time and the whole horrible experience caused PTSD. Coming back from the experience of this second hospital admission has been the hardest thing and only in the last couple of months have I realised the extent that anxiety has had to play on my recovery. (yes I know I read all about SAH and anxiety, but of course it absolutely did not apply to me!)

I've been lucky to have been referred to a neuropsychologist as this has helped my understanding of the condition. Also researched as much as I was able and of course looking in on this site has helped enormously. Especially when I see posts from 'someone like me'. I look forward to contributing to discussions from now on rather than just looking in from the sidelines.


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Welcome Elaine,

Well I am glad you decided to join the conversation! I am hoping things are much better for you now. Please expand on how you found this site, what you have learned, where you are at now, support system, work etc...

I hope you are coping so much better now. We need to have daily reminders that say " It's a brain not a broken arm!"


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Well done for joining the party.

Self denial about how fast we can heal is something we are all excellent at here so you're in good company. I'm 14 months on and still kidding myself that I can do more faster than I really can.

Great you're seeing a neurophysiologist , it would be good to hear more about that as they're like hens teeth in the UK so great you found one.


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Welcome Elaine, your experience sounds soooo familiar!

I am just starting to appreciate that some of my ongoing symptons are more anxiety related rather than a physical result of the SAH and I would be interested to hear more about how the neuropsychologist is helping.

Hope things continue to improve for you and looking forward to reading your posts.


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