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Hello all , I have been reading the posts on the sight as I was diagnosed with RCVS as I said in 2007. I was sent to the mayo clinic in 2008 when I had one more thunderclap headache. Was frustrating because they never have been able to tell me cause. Some docs at mayo say I had a small stroke, yet my dr at the headache clinic I go to say no, live with migraines, but not other residual effects from event. I just asked my new doc at headache clinic I go to if it could happen again . He says not saying it couldn't, as with age vessels are narrowing. Hope it never does as pain of thunderclap is like no other pain I have ever felt.

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You are being monitored. That is way better than the general population. That being said, I have a friend that had the headache and walked around for 5 days afterwards with no apparent signs to her. It wasn't until one of her family members noticed that she wasn't living her life as usual that she went in and they found the SAH. It is easily spotted on a CT scan, but it has to be while there is blood still there.

After weeks, the blood will be gone and it would be harder to determine. People have headaches of unknown origin all the time. No one was able to identify why I had the SAH, only that the blood showed up in a certain location without an aneurysm. I've grown to live with this uncertainty and it is OK.


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