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Carers Week. Just passed


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http://www.carers.org/data/files/final- ... r-2536.pdf

Hi guys, trying to get my head round posting links. If this doesn't work go to http://www.carersweek.org or http://www.carers.org and type in carers week.

I'm ashamed to say I forgot completely about Carers Week this used to be my busiest time of year. There is pdf which speaks abit about relationships. There is also a superdrug discount voucher which can be printed of and must be used before end of August.

Oops just read what the Discount Voucher was. Not as exciting as I thought but necesary all the same. Last year it could have been used for anything in Superdrug!!

Aine xox

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thanks for that. Must admit I didn't take part in anything for carers week this year, whereas I normally do, our Carers in Partnership group put on a big event though and apparently that went down well and was well attended.

3 of our group have made a 6 minute video, for carers which is good.

Just remembered, I did go to one event, it was a question and answer time for carers held at our local mental health unit, it was the second one that we've had and is excellent, we had this last one as a sort of launch to carers week, we have our chance to put all of our questions to a panel of proffessionals. It is my son Matt's psychiatrist that organized it, he's so different to all the other docs I know in that field as he has a real heart for carers and believes it to be essential that our views are taken into

account. (Can't believe I forgot i'd been to that!)

Aine what client group did you work with in your job??

Love Suexx

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Hi Sue,

I'm not surprised you forgot. Sometimes there can be so much happening.

I was a generic Carers Support Worker. (Princess Royal Trust for Carers) Sort of Jack of all and Master of none so to speak. I was a Lone worker for our Area but the Aberdeen office has specialist workers. They have a specialist Mental Health Carers Support Worker. The Majority of my one to one work was with parents of children who have special needs.

It was a fascinating job and I was very humbled by a lot of the people I met. Very Ironic that I am now on the other side of the system.

I know a lot of the professionals hands are tied by red tape etc but it does make a difference when you know that they genuinely care and are listening. Sometimes a listening ear is all you need.

Nite nite

Aine xox

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