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Can anyone explain...?


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Hi all,

I have just got a copy of the letter the hospital sent to my gp and i dont understand it and my gp says wait til i have a neurology appointment cos he doesnt really know what it means but i am impatient and i cant!!!

Just wondering if anyone knows what any of it means please cos i am useless at finding things on online search.......


just wondering if there is a certain site that might explain things and how i find out what senses/feelings might have changed cos of where it happened in my brain.

Many thanks

Hope everyone is well

Love Jayne x

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Hi Jayne

For information only - don't take my word for it - ask your NS! Click on the links for more info.

Diffuse = widely distributed

4th ventricle = one of the fluid filled cavities in the brain.

Clotted after bleeding.

Right sided anterior communicating aneurysm = aneurysm on the RHS of the anterior communicating artery

5 coils = number of coils inserted into the aneurysm.

Hope this helps. As I say, ask your NS if anything is unclear.



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Hi Keith,

That makes more sense the more times i read it !! Thanks for taking the time to reply.hope you enjoy your holiday(keep reading it on the posts)

Take care Jayne x

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