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    28 Aug 2006, Aneurysm, Left PICA, coiled

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  1. I thought I'd pop in to say hello to all, new members and old, from a long standing, lapsed old member! It's great to see this site is still going strong and providing such great support almost 11 years since I joined. Also good to see some of the old hands are still about. Keith
  2. Hi Cath and welcome to Behind the Gray Your article is in the system awaiting moderation. It sometimes takes a while, especially at weekends. There's some great people here who know what you're going through. Keith
  3. Nic, I have no complaints at all about the Wessex. My time in ICU and HDU is a bit hazy and D Neuro a bit less so, but overall I felt that the level of care was fantastic. Basingstoke, on the other hand was different. My diagnosis was mismanaged when I was first admitted to the ED there and when I returned there from Southampton it was as if I wasn't their patient so why should they care? A horrible experience. I did have a little "holiday" in Basingstoke hospital a couple of years later and the experience was a lot better, although the nurses were rushed off their feet and working very long shifts.
  4. Welcome to BTG Your original post went back into moderation when you changed it. It has now been approved.
  5. Please try to stay on topic. Interesting though the musical discussion is, please use The Green Room if you wish to continue with it. Many thanks for your cooperation.
  6. Hi Mary, "A Letter from your Brain" can be found here
  7. Congratulations Louise, well done xx I, for one, remember you inspiring me when I first joined the site over 5 years ago.
  8. Hi Vivien, Your photo has now been approved. Well done! It's nice to see something positive come out of your recovery
  9. [Admin Note] This thread is entitled "A Second opinion? - U.S.A" Please start a new thread if you wish to ask about cycling after SAH, or use the private message system if you wish to contact another member directly.
  10. Bill, If you go to the homepage, towards the top right you will see the link to create an article. Once created, it will need to be checked for publication by an administrator. Once approved, it will appear on the homepage. Look forward to reading it
  11. Hi Bill and welcome. You sound very positive, and well done for travelling that long road back from SAH and for doing something worthwhile. It's hard work, as many on here will tell you, but to have travelled that road and made it is some achievement.
  12. Surfer34, It's not safe to say anything about individual cases based on research papers. Everyone on here are individuals and every case is different. Research is all very well and is vital for the medical profession to gain an understanding of SAH, but this site is about support and understanding real people, not about misleading people with medical jargon and statistics. That's best left to the medical professionals.
  13. I've been lurking in this thread up to now. I've read lots of statistics from every source imaginable. Some interesting and probably true, some questionable and based on the slimest of evidence. Win and Sami, you're right. They can make me a statistic when I'm gone. Until then, I'm just going to enjoy life and make the most of everything I can, because statistically, I have a 2 in a million chance of being run over and killed by a bus (so I'm told)... unless I decide to wander around China with my iPod
  14. Hi Janet, I hope it all works out for you and you can get some relief from the pain xx
  15. I had high BP before my SAH, but I buried my head in the sand and ignored it. For the last 4 years I've been taking 3 different pills to control my BP and it seems to be stable at around 140/90. Just lately it's been a bit higher, but I'm putting that down to the stress of the family separation and my new job.
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