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I am new here

Guest pam

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Hi, I have just joined. I live in the UK

I am one of the lucky ones who has not had a SAH, but I was diagnosed with multiple unruptured cerebral anuerysms in late 2004 - an MRI scan carried out to look for something else which fortunately didnt exist, spotted 7 aneurysms!. Since then I have had three of them treated by coiling, the other four which are tiny are being monitored- I find it difficult living with the idea of these untreated ones at times, but on the whole grateful for the fact I found out about all of them, always believe knowledge is power.

Bye for now Pam

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Hi Pam and welcome

Glad you got here in the end!

Yes, you're lucky not to have had SAH, but having unruptured aneurysms can't be easy to live with. I only had one aneurysm, but I know it's been fixed and I've accepted that it's unlikely to cause me further problems. At least yours have been found so they can keep an eye on them.



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Hi Pam and a warm welcome

I did have a SAH but consider myself quite fortunate as I have no further abnormalities. It must be very stressful at times knowing that you have others that may need treatment.

You'll find this site and the members very helpful and supportive it has been a lifeline to me since I joined.

Hope to hear more from you soon.

Janet x

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