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Occupational Health

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Sorry Laura sorry nearly forgot about this.

I had thought Occupational Health Assessments were Standard but the feedback on this site seems to be to the contrary. I said I would give a little bit of info on my Occ Health etc. The following is a link to the Health and Safety Executive website.

There is a lot of info there but before you get bogged down in it I would ask your personnel dept or manager what there procedures are for returning to work.

link is http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/ohindex.htm

I had been off work for 12 months. My Personnel Dept sent a Letter stating I had an appointment with Occupational Health. The purpose of the Assessment is for an independant organisation to assess if I am ready and able to return to work. What help and support I might need on returning to work. The Standard seems to be a Phased returned. Possibly relocation of office etc.

My first assessment was in December. I had an appointment with a Doctor this was with an organisation who provide occupational health assessments, My company paid for an organised the assessment.

I expected Treadmills or heart monitors etc, I'm always a dramatist. :lol:

She simply asked me how I was feeling about things? did I feel I could return to work tomorrow? did I feel I could ever return to work?

I was very emotional in the meeting and we agreed that I certainly couldn't consider work at that point but I would have a reassessment in a few months. It took place last week. Again the focus was on how I was feeling, essentially we know what we are capable off. A decision was reached. I won't go into it know as I'm waiting for my personnel dept to get in touch with me.

What I have noticed, I was raring to go back to work 3months etc, now looking back I realise how out of it I actually was and I'm really glad I've had this time to heal and get things into prespective.

At this point I am much better to make an informed choice. What still shocks me though is in December I had improved dramatically from the year before, and was feeling quite good in myself. At this appointment I was dosed with the cold and generally feeling terrible. But the Doc saw a huge improvement in me from the previous appointment. Just goes to show this is a continuous process.

I'll keep you updated. Sorry for the Ramble


Good Luck to everyone in the Career conundrums

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Thanks for replying and letting me know. I spoke to occupational health who said they were going to get my doctor and consultants notes and go from there. That was weeks ago and I've still heard nothing but know my docs take ages to reply to anything!

I am oing back to school on phased return after the Easter holiday. Afternoons to start with- I spoke to OH and they said I was fine to start back if I felt I could but to take it easy and not do anything that I couldn't do until my actual assessment.

I am going to do one day at a time and keep reassessing. I have sort of learnt now that my health is more important and if it means I have to go part time teaching or change career then I will. The headaches haven't improved drastically so it one day at a time!

Thanks Aine



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