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Sudden headache after coiling

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Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum, only found it today.

i had a 6mm basilar tip aneurysm coiled ten days ago. It was a complicated procedure and I spent seven hours in theatre but  I made a great recovery, and was discharged from hospital five days ago. Have been well since I came home apart from a kidney infection, which is now ok again.


Anyway, am panicking a bit  here, got a sudden headache this morning, it's giving me a very fuzzy feeling, and while not totally debilitating it is painful, more so than any headache I had in the past ten days.  Has anyone else had this?  Maybe it's totally normal? Maybe it's just dehydration?  I will phone my doctor this afternoon but I'm just wondering if any of you have had similiar experience.




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Hi Ann, welcome to BTG. I just typed up a response to you, then my computer went funny and I lost it!


I was saying I think it's a good idea to have a word with your gp, if only to give you peace of mind.  Mine too was a basilar tip aneurysm which do appear to be a challenging area of the brain - you don't actually say if yours was coiled following a rupture or as a preventative measure.  I had head pain following my rupture for quite some time, but it was constant rather than sudden. I had so many different weird sensations in my head at the time, It's so hard to work out what's normal and what's not.


I remember ringing NHS direct two years later for advice because I suddenly got double vision - they sent me to hospital to have a ct scan - all was clear, but once they know your history, they do listen and act appropriately - so no harm in contacting your doctor this afternoon.

I wish you well,


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