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Headway provides access to practical hands on help

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When I was discharged after 6+ weeks in hospital after my SAH I just was sent home but with not real direction of what to do next  and just a few leaflets but after I went back to hospital for my shunt operation and was discharged again similarly with very little advice I knew I needed some hands on help. 


Id had some rehab and physio at hospital but it now was left to me and the family so we went after what we could. 


We contacted Headway in my area and they arranged for me to have an assessment with their regional community nurse. Based on this they offered me 8 sessions at home to help me learn and apply practical skills at home and to help me manage my new brain state and build my confidence. 


I got advice, support, education and made a friend in my nurse and even now on the odd occassion call and ask her advice. They offer very good practical help in the areas that they cover in the U.K. 


Now in some areas have HATS nurses who can help the family right from when the head injury happens, be it offer advice, help arrange emergency funds if needed and just be an advocate and go between at hospital . https://www.headway.org.uk/news/national-news/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-hats-nurse/ I know my family would have welcomed this when I was taken ill and if you're a partner or family member looking in you may want to see if there is someone in your area if you feel you needs some hands on help. 



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