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Am I just getting old or does this really seem to be a problem for me!

Now I have changed jobs I thought this would cut down but I am going to bed early most nights, don't get up till 7 in the morning and then on a Sat or Sun or often both, I am going to bed for about 4 hours in the afternoon. Has anyone any suggestions? Am I on my own with this? I never seem to see Simon, the bed is becoming my hubby, I see more of that than him :lol: I thought maybe it was just going to be whilst I got used to my job but.....

Sorry to moan..



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Hi Laura

You're not on your own with the extreme tiredness I only work 30 hours a week but it takes me most of the weekend to recover. The extreme fatigue is at its worst if I do too much thats why most weekends I just try to relax as much as possible.

Hopefully once you settle into your job properly things will start to improve its just getting into the routine thats so exhausting.

Janet x

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