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Tips: Back behind the wheel


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“When I eventually made my first car journey, I had to drive with the air conditioning blasting on my face; I needed to feel the cold, needed to feel awake. It felt so very weird and also very scary. Even my feet didn't feel as though they were part of my body. I seemed to over emphasise every movement that before the SAH, would have been so normal. I just didn't feel in control, it wasn't me in this body that I had returned home with.” Karen Hyder, site founder 


Cleared to drive

Once you have been cleared to drive by doctors or DVLA depending on circumstances then you may be itching to get back out there but the best advice is to take things very slow indeed. 


Members who who have been through this report that the cognitive effort of driving exhausts them fast in the early days so build it up slowly and don’t rush into long journeys too fast


some tips that  may help taken from other historic threads:


  • Take a passenger on your first trip out for some moral support and also in case you need to switch places.
  • on first few trips in the car driving allow time to rest on arrival at destination even if it’s just sitting in the car
  • avoid other distractions whilst you drive,  no music , no chatter, it will take a huge effort for your brain so ease it in gently
  • practice night Driving 
  • build your stamina up Driving 


some members have attended refresher lessons and courses . I personally prevailed on my husband to come out with me at first before I would take the kids in the car. I wanted a second opinion, ( third if you count consultant and DVLA) that I was able to drive safely. My confidence was lowered and I needed time to build it back up. 


Be sure to share what helped you when you got back behind the wheel. Or what not to do! 

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