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Hi Everyone,

Since my stroke and during my rehabilitation I have kept myself busy I have learnt the basics of the computer and have done a talk to the London Different Strokes Group run by John Murray.I was very nervous but it went good,I have also done a podcast about my experiences which if anyone would like to listen to,then please let me know.

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Hi Derek

Would love to listen to your podcast. Since my SAH my iPod and I have been constant companions, never go anywhere without it! Got all sorts, a real eclectic mix of music, podcasts and audio books on it; I find it really helpful because of not being able to cope too well with background, particularly echoey, noise when out shopping or in busy places so I just plug in the earphones and, hey presto, no worries!

Please can you let me know how I can download/upload (always get these two mixed up!) your podcast.


Sarah x

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