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SAH Support Groups In Toronto?

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Hi All,


I suffered a ruptured aneurism and SAH on Sept 2nd.  I had a diversionary stent inserted in a procedure Sept 6. I'm recovering at home and thus far am doing well, except for the investable tiredness that strikes mid-day and early evening.  I'm planning on returning  to work in early December (phased return).


While I'm doing well (I believe) I would like to find out if there are any support groups in the Toronto area.  I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my experience and recovery with others.




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Behind the Gray is a UK based online support group but we have members from all over the world. 

There are lots of tips and advice on the site and hopefully some members from Canada will see your posting and get in touch. 

You are still very early in your recovery,  please don’t rush back to work, 3 months is quite soon.  Phase back slowly and consider reduced hours. What is your employment? 

Feel free to ask any questions on the site there is always someone there to help with their own advice and experience. 

take care


Clare xx

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