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  1. Hi Rosie I can empathise with you totally. I don't feel the same person I was pre bleed. So much has changed for me and I too have struggled with low mood. Please go to speak to your GP and either try and get some talking therapy or anti-anxiety meds. Hopefully one of those will help. I must admit the fear of it happening again has never really bothered me but I can appreciate that for some it must be a constant concern. Take comfort from the advice that the neurosurgeons give - that you have a far greater chance of having a road accident. Take care, Clare xx
  2. Hi and sorry you didn’t get any reply to your first posting. I think you hit the nail on the head when you say He also said if it was urgent they would not have let me out of the room. No doctor likes to take risks with their patients, it not only affects the patient but their reputation too. I am sure if it was that urgent you would have had the surgery already. I work in the NHS and know Covid has delayed a lot but I am also aware that if a procedure is important it goes ahead. Also from what I understand, (though I’m not medically trained) a coilin
  3. Hi Pascal Welcome to BTG, glad you found us and are finding the site useful. We aren't medically trained so can't give medical advice but we can offer support and our experiences. I am 6 years post bleed and still struggle with noise, concentration and ability to pay attention and my memory.... we best not mention that. I wonder if the sensations you are feeling may be attributed to fatigue or stress. I know if I have to concentrate hard for any prolonged period it makes my head feel a bit 'wobbly' If you are worried though try speaking to the unit where you were t
  4. Hi, I started exercising by taking short walks about 4 weeks after my bleed. I progressed onto longer walks and eventually back to running which is what I was doing when I had my SAH. I now run 3 times a weeks, about 4-5 miles each time. My Neurovascular Nurse specialist encouraged exercise but you should check that it is ok for you. You are still early days so take it slowly Clare xx
  5. Hi Deborah Welcome to BTG sorry you have had trouble navigating the site. I have not heard of iron deposits post SAH, can you tell us some more? We are unable to give medical advice as not medically trained but many others here may have had similar experiences so can share those with you. Be interested to hear more about your event and recovery. My advice for now would be rest often, drink plenty of water and take things slowly. Clare xx
  6. Had mine January 11th, no side effects other than sore arm for 24 hours
  7. Hi Rory welcome to BTG glad you found us and are finding the site useful. Sounds like you are making a good recovery after your NASAH glad your MRI didn’t show any other problems. Fatigue is a very common after effect of a bleed and even after 6 years I still suffer if I push too hard. You will learn when you can and can’t do things and when to take it easy. It is fortunate that you can manage your work time at home. Work was and still can be an issue for me. I struggle with concentration and have attention deficits which in turn affects my memory. It’s a cas
  8. Great news Sarah must be such a relief. Enjoy your evening 😘xx
  9. Seems mad that six years ago when I woke in the morning little did I know how much my life would change within 12 hours. There have been many ups and downs, job changes and friend changes, life is similar but different. I can’t say it’s worse as I now can’t remember what life was like pre-bleed lol! But I do know that life is slower. Will take a run this morning, something I was doing when I had my bleed. May even run past the spot where I first felt that awful headache, confident that it won’t recur today. For all of you behind me in your time line,
  10. Hi Shazza I echo all that the others have said earlier. You really need to take a little more time off to help your recovery. I too like a glass of wine but whilst it isn't a no, no, you need to be aware that it will affect you more post bleed. I was told that it has double the effect and I certainly don't need much now before I feel it! I also find alcohol affects my memory much more than before so be careful. Keep taking it slowly - that's your recovery and the wine! Clare xx
  11. Happy Anni-versary SM! Mine is just around the corner but not as impressive as 17 years! Clare xx
  12. Welcome to BTG Monique, sorry to hear that a SAH spoiled your Christmas and New Year but glad to hear you are on your road to recovery. Sorry to say but it may be a longer haul than you would like but with positivity and determination you will get there. It is very hard to accept that things are not as before but you will eventually reach your new normal and it will be different but not necessarily worse. I am coming up to 6 years post bleed and it's been a rollercoaster ride, mainly regarding work. I like you was never sick and did not believe I had to be off work for
  13. A truly wonderful legacy from an equally wonderful man xxx
  14. Happy Anniversary Chris, just behind me with your 5 years. Hope you are managing to keep up your running certainly keeps me sane particularly during this time of uncertainty. You have done so well and it's great to hear that your are having less headaches and sad days. Memory has always been my problem and it seems to be getting worse for me so it's good news that yours seems better. Keep safe over there across the pond - interesting times ahead for you and your country Clare xx
  15. Well done on 18 years Jess, you have done an amazing job with your boys - I am sure they are both very proud of you. Clare xx
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