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  1. Hi have you tried opening the messages via the envelope at the top of the BTG home page to the left off your name? Clare xx
  2. ClareM

    Joan saffy

    🤞 Good luck Joan xx
  3. ClareM

    One year anniversary

    Happy Anniversary, glad you have managed to travel back to to Cyprus again, enjoy! Clare xx
  4. ClareM

    Body Chills

    Hi Ann This is not something I can say I have suffered or even heard anyone else suffering from post SAH. If you are unsure go to your GP or contact the nurse specialist at the unit you were treated. All to often we blame the haemorrhage for problems that are nothing to do with it so get it checked out. Good luck, keep us posted. Clare xx
  5. ClareM

    Returning to work?

    4 months is really early days, you need to step back and take stock. I returned at about the same time but on 2 hours a day for 2 days increasing to 3 hours the next week. I t was an incredibly slow return to work over several months and i have never got back to the 41 hours I was working pre bleed. I now work 30 hours over 4 days, Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - I have Wednesday off for recuperation and I still need it now 3 and a half years post bleed. Take stock, consider your options and readjust. I have changed my job twice since my SAH something I never thought I would do in my late 50's but had to for my sanity. Good luck but more importantly think of YOU, no one else will and think of your options using the wider picture. Life is different now ........ Clare xx
  6. I think we all get odd symptoms post bleed and it is all too easy to blame it on that. However I think we need to be mindful of our general health and make sure we get things looked at by our GPs. It could be an infection or purely wax but get it looked at either way. Anxiety is also a common complaint, I know I suffer and have difficulty dealing with it. Talking therapy can help, ask your GP for a referral. Clare xx
  7. ClareM

    17 years on

    Hi Lisa I agree with Super totally. SAH can change us and some of the changes are often not so good. I think it is worthwhile you having a chat with your GP although there may be problems with confidentiality. Even if it's to get some support for you on how you are dealing with him. I hope you get some answers. Clare xx
  8. Hi Sarah I know exactly how you feel. So many people say to me that they think my memory is fine. It may be fine to them but to me it's not a patch on what it was. And it's not everything, it's more my 'attentional' memory. If I'm not paying really good attention its' gone until I receive a verbal or visual reminder and that's not a definite either. Earlier this evening I said to my husband I needed some parmesan on my pasta - he reminded me I'd put it on not more than 5 mins previously .............. And it is frustrating when other people say you are fine when you know you are far from. I think that is one of the hardest things post SAH which only we who have suffered understand. Keep coming to BTG, we understand! All I can say is the more you repeat things the more they 'stick' in the memory. Repetition is my best friend and hopefully will become yours too Clare xx
  9. Hi Pat I too echo what Sami says. I am 3 years post NASAH and still suffer memory problems. I have had in depth help from a neuro psychologist who has helped me no end with my recovery. She has pointed out that my memory is affected by fatigue and also by my mood. I experience low mood and this is worsened by fatigue which then leads to the memory problems being more pronounced. Bit of a viscious circle and it's hard to break the cycle. I think fatigue is one of the most difficult legacies of a bleed, learning what your limits are and making sure you don't go beyond them. I am still learning now and have spent many a Friday evening totally floored by the week. And that's with a mid week recovery day off! My advice would be to step back a bit, very hard if like me you were a 'full on' type person pre bleed. My neuro psych has told me that as my health is one of the most important things to me that I have to work towards 'good health' and that means being kind to my self and not pushing the boundaries. It's hard but I'm learning I think the psychological effects of a bleed can carry on for a long time post bleed, we are all looking for answers which sometimes no one can give us. My GP is hopeless too regarding advice, they just don't have the experience of dealing with our problems. A support group is a good idea which is why I have found BTG so helpful in my recovery. Good luck, you'll get there eventually - but it takes time and perseverance by ourselves to accept and embrace the 'new normal'. I'm still working on it! Clare xx
  10. ClareM

    Kay - new member

    How exciting Kay. Congratulations xx
  11. ClareM

    Paul 99

    Hi Go to the message envelope at the top of the page, click on that, it will bring up the message box. Click on compose new. Then in the compose to box type in Paul99. It will come up, select then type and send your message. Hope you get in touch ok. Clare xx
  12. Well said Macca - I'm still learning to say no too Jean xx Clare xx
  13. ClareM


    Great new Jan I knew by phoning direct you’d get an answer. Most staff on these types of wards are used to patients calling with queries and are sympathetic. Secretaties drive me mad sometimes they can be so protective over the consultants who usually are more than happy to help! Hope you enjoy getting stuck with the needles and more importantly that it works! Clare xx
  14. ClareM


    Jan a consultants secretary has no right to tell you you can’t speak to a nurse specialist. You should be able to access one through the outpatients department. Or just try asking for the neuro nurse specialist through the switchboard. They will be able to give you the definitive answer so try again. Hope you get an answer. Clare xx
  15. Such wise words from Macca! I think as he says that some of the problem lies in the fact that it is a sudden change, and a huge change. I am 3 years down the line and still trying to accept the new normal. I've had several job changes each throwing me new challenges which probably in hindsight I could have done without. Each job change brings new learning which I struggle with now. Please don't rush back to work, take your time and do it gradually. Hopefully you will have a sympathetic employer and if so take full advantage of what they can offer in support. I wish you all the best, please don't think you are abnormal in your recovery, - what you are experiencing is normal, just take your time. Clare xx