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  1. Travel Worries

    I am exactly the same at the moment my husband wants to go away for Easter and feels okay with that. I’m his wife and I’m the one who is struggling to book although I have booked to go back to Cyprus the day after his 1 year anniversary of his bleed to the same place and know the hospital facilities are excellent and the hotel where we stay also. I google hospitals at the moment when looking to book somewhere. I think I’m more anxious than he is so totally understand where you are coming from everyone
  2. My husbands bleed happened when we were in Cyprus and the neurologist who treated him said that in the 20years he’d treated people for these if they survived the initial event he’d had nobody return with another bleed. That was good enough for my hubby but we did have an appointment with a neurologist when we returned to the UK who did another MRI scan ( he had about 6 scans in Cyprus) and it was all clear. So he told my husband just to go and enjoy his life which we are trying to do. We are just thankful that my husband survived
  3. Head cold

    Now he has had loose bowels for 5 days and I have literally had to make him go to the doctors. This is not how he usually is and I just think it needs checking out with his GP. Perhaps I’m being over protective but I can’t help it at the moment
  4. This past week unfortunately hubby caught my head cold and it has affected him loads more than when he usually has one and he has felt really rough all week. Have things like this effected anyone else worse than before they had their PASAH ?
  5. Yesterday we went to the cinema and the experience freaked my husband out. He couldn’t stand the start as it was too loud and also the fact the screen over whelmed him as well and he felt quite uneasy. It took him a while to adjust and made him feel sickly for the rest of the day. Has this happened to anyone else
  6. How are you getting on frmertd? As starting watching for your posts after my husbands bleed
  7. Hubby been having a few full on night sweats which we thought were to do with his medication for anxiety (sertraline) but doctor thinks it’s a side effect of his SAH. Has this happened to anyone else? He’s nearly 4 months post SAH. He’s sending him for blood/urine tests
  8. My husbands SAH happened whilst we were in Cyprus therefore we don’t actually have a consultant over here. We did see a private neurologist when we returned and basically he did an MRI which was all clear and said just to carry on as per usual and with no follow up appointment with him. We are now, just seeing our GP but mostly for the anxiety he is suffering as posted previously. I have read that others have follow ups with a consultant but not in our case. We thought perhaps to fly short haul next year and leave Barbados for the year after due to what’s happened. I keep having flashbacks to how he was and also keep asking why us, what have we ever done that's so bad in our lives and believe you me we’ve had our fair share of rubbish in our life’s losing several family members far too soon 😫 We decided to cancel our trip to Barbados this year and we will book something else in Europe
  9. My husband is sleeping a lot. This morning he literally put a picture up and was shattered. How long does this go on for? He’s 3 1/2 months post PASAH
  10. My hubby is three months post SAH now and doing okay. We are looking forward to a more low key Christmas something we did not think we would together. I find that some days he is slower than others do you find this as well with your progress? We now have a couple of weeks off of work to really focus and relax something that I haven’t really been able to do myself since it happened. I still worry about the future for us both but realise it will not be like it was prior to his SAH. I see on here that people have check ups but the neurologist we saw over here when we got back said everything was fine and just go home and enjoy your life’s. I really worry in case he has another one but he said he is as likely to have another one as he was the first. Merry Christmas everyone as I’m so glad I came across this site.
  11. I’ve always had our holiday insurance with my bank account but today due to my husbands SAH I telephoned them to check and now he needs Individual insurance and can not get it annually only on the trips we do. I’ve a trip booked next September and therefore I’ve taken it out. Have you all had to do this? Obviously I would never go anywhere with out travel insurance and so glad we had it whilst in Cyprus as this is where my husbands SAH happened.
  12. My husband is 12 weeks Post SAH and he suffered with terrible anxiety attacks. One night we had two ambulance teams out due to this. He is now on medication for the anxiety which he’s taken for 4 weeks which seems to be kicking in. He is back at work now for about 5 hours a day (we run our own business) but he does get very tired and generally has to go home for a sleep. I worry that it could happen again but doctors has assured us it is very rare that anyone who has had a SAH will have another. I have found this site very helpful for both of us. I have constant flashbacks to what happened when we were on our holiday in Cyprus and he has told me he thought when the bled occurred he thought he was literally going to die on the bathroom floor in our hotel room. But we’re getting there it has been very scary at times. I come on here periodically just to see how everyone is doing and it helps to see how everyone with the same type of bleed is getting on.
  13. First trip out

    We had a good day didn’t stay too long, had lunch and then more or less travelled straight home as it was far too cold. He had a sleep one the train on the way home. Little steps at a time. Think we’ve decided between us to cancel our trip in May to Barbados and go on a short haul trip to celebrate his 60th and our daughter is very pleased with our decision as she worries and thinks a long haul,would be better in 12 months time x
  14. Today will be our first full day out to London after my husbands SAH which he had 20th September. Usually wouldn’t bother me at all but worry if he will be okay with a full day. Going up on the train and told him if he feels tired etc to tell me other than keep it to himself. It’s my birthday treat. He’s been far better at work and also during the day but he has fallen asleep early in the evenings x
  15. Frmertd my husband is now nearly 11 weeks post NASAH And understands how you feel completely. He has built up our small business over the past 25 years and doesn’t want to see it all go bust due to the fact he can’t work as much as he used to. He’s doing only about 4 hours a day at the moment, he started just doing 2 hours, but feels stronger now to do more. He’s main anxiety was the fact The was getting fatigued and worried about how the business would end up and the fact he has several people who work for us and depend apron him for their living. But he’s getting there takes each day as it comes is now 2 weeks down the line with the medication the doctor gave him for this and feeling loads better. If he feels tired he rests but just recently he has managed to do far more than he could a couple of weeks ago. He was hospitalised for over 2weeks and says he is very lucky to have survived. He started off reading so many negative comments on other sites but then we found this site and it has been lovely to read all the positive outcomes from these lovely people because when we left hospital nothing is really told to you about the recovery. Hopefully you will improve as my husband as done and still is sending positive thoughts your way