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  1. I’m so glad me and hubby found this site as my hubby is 9 weeks post PMSAH which I know is early days but this really is helping us to realise some of his symptoms at present like the fatigue and anxiety and we know it will get better
  2. Thank you. Two years on!

    Just read your post out to my hubby he is nearly 9 weeks post PMSAH and we are still getting our heads round what has happened and the further ahead of us but we realised he is very lucky to of survived and just need to move forward
  3. Susan doctor did tell hubby that that was the case but he didn’t expect to feel so rough. He didn’t take anymore as he can’t carry on like that so back to doctor today to see what else there is. Win I used to have panic attacks so my technique did help me when his BP went sky high. Good breathing helped to bring it down. Thanks for your reply’s this site is really helping us both although I’m the only one who reads it but inform him of replies
  4. We are going back to GP Tomorrow as this can’t carry on as it is. Felt exhausted all day WeWHad two separate ambulances out during the night who have assured him it’s anxiety. He took have have of a 2mg lorazepam tablet as he had been awake for over 24 hours and so had I And now is very tired and woosey
  5. Had two separate ambulances out during the night who have assured him it’s anxiety. He took have have of a 2mg lorazepam tablet as he had been awake for over 24 hours and so had I And now is very tired and woosey
  6. He keeps having anxiety attacks as well. Had a bad one again this evening just comes over him. Dr gave him some sertraline tablets to help with this but only taken them 2 days. It’s really worrying seeing him like this. I’m a nervous nurse type person although I do try to stay as calm as possible
  7. No offence taken at all. It was one of the first things my daughter told him as he had a new car on order and no point getting it if he couldn’t drive. It put a smile on his face to know he could drive again and not have to have me as his chauffeur
  8. My husband has informed the DVLA (my daughter works in insurance and made sure we did this) but after our visit to our GP Thursday who said there was no reason he should not be driving my husband phoned the DVLA who had received all the information they needed for the GP and said he could drive. Obviously as he hasn’t driven for 8 weeks he found it tiring in its self
  9. Thanks means a lot to speak with others. Hubby has been given some medication for the anxiety and as long as I know he is progressing I’m sure I will be okay. He drove out today to the shops with me for a couple of hours and then he felt tired and he’s unfortunately caught my cold so we came home so he could rest. I’ve told him only to do what he feels able to at the moment. we run our own business which we’ve built up over 24 years and it worries him not to be working and in control like he usually was which plays on his mind
  10. My husband had his SAH just over 8 weeks ago on holiday. I’m continuously worried about him at the moment even though doctors have said just to carry on with your life as usual (which I know we’ve been lucky to). Everything makes me nervous just thinking about our future together makes me worry. I worry that it might happen again and really do not want to book any trips at present. He wants to go to London for a couple of days like we have always done in the past but I just worry about being away from home most probably due to the fact it happened whilst we were on holiday. I worry about him when he sleeps which is making my sleep very poor. I know I should just focus on the future and I keep having flashbacks to what happened. Any other partners felt like this? I’m usually a very positive person
  11. How life changes

    I am the wife of someone who suffered SAH and it has really changed our life’s. My husband had his 8 weeks ago and is suffering with fatigue and anxiety (although he will not admit it). I told him to look on here last night and he says it’s mostly for women but I don’t think it is. I thought he’d benefit from reading other people’s experiences. We are a couple who usually had a very active social lifestyle but now he is unable to do the things we used to and he feels that this isn’t fair on me at this moment. I assure him I don’t mind as long as he is getting better that’s all that matters. I must admit I keep having flashbacks at night of what happened and it does play on my mind. Thanks for listening
  12. Thanks Clare how old were you when you had yours? My hubby is 59 I’ve felt terrible myself today just thinking about what has happened but don’t want him to worry about me as well. He is hoping to get better and more like his self far too soon which I have told him is unrealistic. He thinks Christmas bearing in mind it’s only been 8 weeks this Wednesday. Our business can get very stressful for him and my two sons work for us also who are trying to share the load
  13. My husband suffered a SAH 20th September whilst we were on holiday in Cyprus which was very scary he was hospitalised for over 2weeks before we were able to fly home. We run our own business which is proving hard for my husband. He has only been in 2hours a day at present and finds it very tiring. He gets very fatigued and although we have seen a private neurologist on our return who did another MRI and told us everything was okay we really worry about the future. This week he was taken back into hospital due to his blood pressure being high (he’s had high bp for 28 years which he has been on medication for) and he saw a cardiologist but we feel this was due to anxiety due to the bleed on the brain. I his wife feel very anxious myself at present worrying about him constantly. We have a holiday to Barbados booked for next May but I am worried about going and really want to cancel it and perhaps just stay in Europe. It was his 60th birthday treat. I would like anyone’s feelings on any of the points I have mentioned as we have always had a very active social and work life and never thought anything of doing anything but at present I worry about him