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  1. I can’t give you med advice but did they do mri? I m not sure how your position was when you were out. I am not sure if you do active work with your shoulder or exercised a lot. Ask your neuro about the possible relationship with SAH and maybe see ortho. X Ray will only shows bones and not muscles/ tendons etc etc.
  2. I know I m not supposed to give med advice but your brain and heart needs some form of carbs to function. 800 calorie diet is a bit extreme and someone needs to watch you closely. We don’t expect people to stay on it forever. Unfortunately we eat a lot of carbs here in the states and we drink lots of sodas and alcohol. Like one professor told us we should all get rid of all the bad habits we do with our mouths, smoking, eating, drinking and now vaping
  3. I sent some last week. We ll all try to pinch in something for this website. I think it s a very good idea to save 5$ or 5£ per week or month. I do understand it is not easy to keep a website. We do have emr system and it needs monthly fee for the IT personnel. Sometimes there are unseen fees.
  4. I cannot give you med advice but I m sure you can get a note from your doc that says you need scheduled breaks. Sometimes looking at computer screen can give one headaches even without history of SAH. You can say something like at least such and such minutes within such and such time period. Good luck
  5. I don’t think noise and lots of motion are good for anyone's brain, especially if you've had a SAH.
  6. I cannot give you med advice but it should be fine. Might have some headache one to two days right after the procedure. Also explain to the dentist and ask for what to look for. Good luck.
  7. Welcome to the site. I think you will find many answers and threads here helpful. I cannot give med advice. The med you are on is for neuropathy pain but make sure you discuss side effects with your doctor. See neuro regularly and ask them questions. Your brain had been affected and it also depends on where it was affected to have those sensations. Drink lots of water, rest, try not to have stress. Good luck.
  8. I have not seen it. Did not see anyone with brain issues at least not that I can remember.
  9. I don’t know how they ll review notes, ask question , examine patients and order things in ten mins
  10. I cannot give you med advice but follow up with your gp and neuro . Drink lots of fluids, rest , sleep, no stress etc. also discuss depression/ anxiety. Talking to friends, family will help too.
  11. Many things can give you high blood pressure. Please sit for about five minutes and check. Also discuss with your doc. Goodluck.
  12. I know I cannot give medical advice. But I have been a primary care doc for Almost 20 years. I see same patients again and again for 12 yrs so I know them very well. It is very different from when people come in from the street to see you once in er or urgent care for one issue. We grow old with the patients and follow them. As much as you think you don’t need help, I think you do need plenty of help. I know psychiatrist have very limited time in this great system and cannot give you much time. Thats why you see a therapist. If one doesn’t work for you, see another. Also you need to have a calm mind and not over think things. Then all the symptoms get worse. I would also recommend breathing exercises. It focuses the mind to have one pointedness so it is clearer and you won’t create stories. Also recommend this book called finding peace in a frantic world. Psychologists wrote it. Thats my two cents. Psychologists will not help with headache but they will help with stress causing the headache. Goodluck.
  13. Driving less is always good but you will have to adjust to a new environment and the one that you don’t know yet. And the pay is slightly less. I love my older patients but they need more time. They move slower, they can’t hear, they don’t see. They are fall risks. Sometimes they have all the time in the world but you don’t and they don’t understand that so have to have lots of patience. I do enjoy their life exp since I have holocaust survivors and people who were in Second World War. Hope you can make a good decision after writing down pros and cons.
  14. Welcome to the website and I m so sorry you have to go through this. I think your HR person is someone who has no compassion and your doctor does whatever so he / she doesn’t have to deal with the HR again. Or maybe they don’t know much about the SAH. Get all your records from the hospital and the doctors office including procedure notes and copies of mri. Go in to the doctor , take your husband or friend who is your advocate. Voice your concerns. If you have insurance that should only be just a co pay. Write a letter to the doctor if you can’t get in. It gets filed into your chart so there s proof that you did something now. Keep a copy for yourself. Tell them you can’t go back now. Timing is important. I m sorry for the doctors behavior but sometimes we are bombarded by millions of messages. Don’t understand why the office closed that much. Even if its closed, there should be a number to call someone and discuss. I cant give you medical advice but the tumor might be something slow growing and benign like meningioma and sometimes watching is the thing to do. Goodluck . I do know what med assisstants have to do. Its not just rooming people and taking vitals. Its fighting on the phone for prior authorisations, dealing with difficult and rude patients, doing all kinds of paperwork etc so I don’t think you are ready for full time of that.
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