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  1. Yes there are different stents and same with heart stents too. Some stay on blood thinners for one year. Long ago, they had to do hernia surgery on one of my patients but he had stents and he can’t stop the thinners. So they did it while on blood thinners. Patient did well. They also carry a little card in the wallet telling what kind of stents that is.
  2. Welcome to BTG. You will see many useful threads here. Please take time to read. Yes the blood needs to go away. I m not sure where you are and if covid is slowing things down such as appointments. Stay hydrated , away from alcohol, rest, no stress. good luck and stay safe.
  3. Welcome to BTG. There are many threads that are useful and please take time to go through them. Drink lots of fluids, rest, sleep, no stress, write down questions for the neurosurgeon and neurologist. Give yourself time to adjust if you fly back. We cannot give you medical advice but I am sure you will find the information here useful. Goodluck.
  4. Congrats. Yes stress will do many things to the body. Stay safe. We are open again in carroll county Maryland but I did not venture out . Patients seem to stay home too, they are mostly country folks and seem content.
  5. Donated some money to BTG in memorium to win. We will all miss her. I thought about her this weekend when I had to dye my hair myself. she always made us smile. May she rest in peace.
  6. I don’t even have words to say. I am very sorry for your loss. I was just thinking about her this weekend. RIP😿😿😿😿😿
  7. Hope you are ok. The thing with tia is sometimes nothing is on the mri or ct scan. But you still need close follow up and may be meds. Goodluck
  8. Welcome to btg. There are many helpful threads here. We can’t give you medical advice but there are many topics that are helpful. Impressed with the 4th degree black belt. I did it for three years now it seems impossible with work schedule and most schools here are tae kwan do not traditional karate. Drink lots of water, hydrate, rest, no stress, etc etc. good luck.
  9. I would not drink. Safest option/ no issues involved for yourself or others.
  10. I didn’t read all of it since I m at work but it is crazy. If they order something, they need to call you. It s no excuse if it s ten weeks ago. If it was ordered over Xmas , I can understand. I don’t know about over there but we sometimes have portals where you can check your info. I would leave messages, write them a letter. Patients here say they will call the lawyer or congressmen or the evening news. I was told as a resident, if you order something, you follow and take action , otherwise why do we order things? I think that makes sense. my patients mostly are
  11. You are very welcome. I humbly learn about many things from this site including medicine, side effects, life, history etc etc. Merry Xmas to everyone.
  12. You know I can’t give you med advice😿 but everyones different and I have seen many react differently to same meds. I have taken them long ago for my back. Sometimes it makes me feel dizzy and sleepy. And it can be due to interaction with other meds. Goodluck. You can talk to the doc.
  13. We cannot give you med advice but 3 months is still early. I would rest and won’t do anything that might upset the brain. Rest, rest, rest and hydration. Colors and crowds and noises might be too much for the brain. I would call and ask the neuro what they think. I m sure there are other xmas traditions you can do and it might just be this year that you can’t shop together.
  14. Welcome to BTG. You can also follow up with the neurologist about the eye issues and might need to see neuro ophthalmologist as well. Goodluck.
  15. Welcome to BTG. We can’t give you medical advice but if you read the threads, there are many posts that are helpful. Rest, drink lots of fluids, etc I know it s easier said than done with two kids. You should be able to get some form of Medicaid if you are in the US due to sah. But your doctor or neurologist need to fill out forms. Good luck. Keep your blood pressure under control.
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