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  1. I know I cannot give medical advice. But I have been a primary care doc for Almost 20 years. I see same patients again and again for 12 yrs so I know them very well. It is very different from when people come in from the street to see you once in er or urgent care for one issue. We grow old with the patients and follow them. As much as you think you don’t need help, I think you do need plenty of help. I know psychiatrist have very limited time in this great system and cannot give you much time. Thats why you see a therapist. If one doesn’t work for you, see another. Also you need to have a calm mind and not over think things. Then all the symptoms get worse. I would also recommend breathing exercises. It focuses the mind to have one pointedness so it is clearer and you won’t create stories. Also recommend this book called finding peace in a frantic world. Psychologists wrote it. Thats my two cents. Psychologists will not help with headache but they will help with stress causing the headache. Goodluck.
  2. Catwoman23

    One year anniversary

    Congrats. Happy to hear.
  3. Driving less is always good but you will have to adjust to a new environment and the one that you don’t know yet. And the pay is slightly less. I love my older patients but they need more time. They move slower, they can’t hear, they don’t see. They are fall risks. Sometimes they have all the time in the world but you don’t and they don’t understand that so have to have lots of patience. I do enjoy their life exp since I have holocaust survivors and people who were in Second World War. Hope you can make a good decision after writing down pros and cons.
  4. Welcome to the website and I m so sorry you have to go through this. I think your HR person is someone who has no compassion and your doctor does whatever so he / she doesn’t have to deal with the HR again. Or maybe they don’t know much about the SAH. Get all your records from the hospital and the doctors office including procedure notes and copies of mri. Go in to the doctor , take your husband or friend who is your advocate. Voice your concerns. If you have insurance that should only be just a co pay. Write a letter to the doctor if you can’t get in. It gets filed into your chart so there s proof that you did something now. Keep a copy for yourself. Tell them you can’t go back now. Timing is important. I m sorry for the doctors behavior but sometimes we are bombarded by millions of messages. Don’t understand why the office closed that much. Even if its closed, there should be a number to call someone and discuss. I cant give you medical advice but the tumor might be something slow growing and benign like meningioma and sometimes watching is the thing to do. Goodluck . I do know what med assisstants have to do. Its not just rooming people and taking vitals. Its fighting on the phone for prior authorisations, dealing with difficult and rude patients, doing all kinds of paperwork etc so I don’t think you are ready for full time of that.
  5. Catwoman23

    Vascular surgeon

    Did they mention to see vascular surgeon? Just curious.
  6. Catwoman23


    I don’t know much about it but many many patients swear it s very helpful but they don’t have SAH. They do it for rotator cuff, back pain, fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis etc. some even come off pain meds which I m not complaining. Most insurances don’t cover it here so some even pay a fee upfront. 500$ for ten sessions I m told. Many clinics in big cities where Chinatown is. I just tell them it s ok as long as they take meds for lupus etc. Patients just seem to be upset that I look Asian and don’t know much about it. I think it has very few side effects .
  7. Been told by others they feel the sensation. I have pts with hydrocephalus not much SAH. But not sure about ears.
  8. Catwoman23

    Headaches and NASAH

    I know we can’t give med advice. It s reassuring that you had a CT scan and it was normal. Get lots of rest and I mean close your eyes. Stay away from the devices while you are in bed as well. If you have fevers, change in vision, headache with vomiting, confusion etc then you need to go to the er/A & E. Try mindfulness meditation. It calms the mind. I m doing at ten day retreat in October at international meditation center here in Maryland. There s one in the UK. I ll be turning off my phone this time as well. It s totally shutting off everything and I can’t wait to do it. I have been to many places but there s nothing like a vacation for your mind and it works so I keep going back and there are people who keep coming back. I believe it is a good deed because you are refraining yourself from any thoughts and actions so results has to be good health wise as well.
  9. The brain and the heart are two organs that needs simple sugars to survive. Again I m not the expert but it is very possible that high protein / high fat/ diets can give one kidney problems and heart disease, stroke. You should consult with a nutritionist and a neurologist. Diets are tricky. Some people grew up on specific diets and are not easy to change. i wrote a book a few years back called unfat the nation because obesity is a big issue here in the USA and cause the system a lot of money. It is not the diet. It is a lifestyle change people need to follow. One can’t do diet for a few weeks and then go back to before. Exercise is also important.
  10. Catwoman23


    Yes sometimes they remove part of the skull and relieve the pressure. They will close it back, keep the fragment in the freezer and it will be put back later. It is not uncommon for people to have infections unfortunately. They need antibiotics sometimes are given in a picc line. Some stay in a rehab just to be on antibiotics. It is very treatable. They will do cultures to find out I m sure. Goodluck.
  11. I m not a nutritionist and I m not supposed to give you med advice. But I m not a fan of the keto diet as the brain needs some sort of simple sugars. Too much salt is not good for anyone and it can raise blood pressure. People with congestive heart failure etc really needs to limit salt since they can cause edema. I would eat lesser portions of what you normally eat. Would worry about kidney function as well with salt. As I say to my patients, if diets work, the whole world will be thin. It s not about this or that diet but it s about changing the whole lifestyle. I don’t think the diet caused SAH but don’t know 100percent. I also posted on eye issues thread but not sure if it uploaded.
  12. Valene, 8 weeks is still too early. Of course I can’t give you medical advice but I would not use Percocet to sleep. It can be addictive. They now say even over the counter sleep meds are not good if taken for over 2-3 weeks. I would definitely see eye md even neuro ophthalmologist if needed. Im not sure if you are in the UK. Also try to read posts by Macca as he always has intelligent things to say. Hope you get to travel as you wish. But rest, drink lots of water, don’t think too much, relax. I know its easier said than done. Also family / loved ones support is very important. One is lucky if one has loved ones who will go thorugh any kind of crisis in life. If people don’t understand or doesn’t care, I wouldn’t pay attention to them. Goodluck.
  13. Catwoman23

    Vascular surgeon

    If you have other issues such as carotid artery narrowing, leg pain due to circulation issues yes. But I think you ll see neurosurgeon more for SAh only. I think you ll also see neurologist for sure. Cardio if needed as well.
  14. Catwoman23

    My experience - Mandy

    Welcome to BTG. I m sure you will find many threads helpful here. It sounds like you had SAH years ago. I cannot give you medical advice. But I have seen many people / friends/ patients who cannot control emotions after a stroke. It can either be depression or pseudobalbar effects. I don’t think the gp should have told you it s irreversible. Yes it was SAH. But there are many treatments for it such as medicines, counseling , biofeedback, relaxation, meditation etc. and it might be ptsd like subs said. You can talk to the gp again. Find a new one if you can. May be medicines. Then again I don’t know your history or allergies or what meds you take so I m not sure. Therapy has no side effects. So is meditation. As for spouses, they need to be supportive and understanding. Try to explain to him the SAH caused it but please also try to control and may be count to ten if you feel like crying. Reading books such as loving kindness and finding peace in a frantic world might help. Best wishes
  15. Catwoman23

    NASAH and atrial fibrillation

    I can’t give you med advice. But there are many patients with a fib and stroke who are on blood thinners. Some are even on two kinds of blood thinners but they had embolic strokes and not hemorrhagic strokes. I think everything is risk and benefits in medicine. A fib can give anyone a stroke that s why they recommend blood thinners.