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  1. I didn’t read all of it since I m at work but it is crazy. If they order something, they need to call you. It s no excuse if it s ten weeks ago. If it was ordered over Xmas , I can understand. I don’t know about over there but we sometimes have portals where you can check your info. I would leave messages, write them a letter. Patients here say they will call the lawyer or congressmen or the evening news. I was told as a resident, if you order something, you follow and take action , otherwise why do we order things? I think that makes sense. my patients mostly are elderly and they don’t do portal but it is useful to some. They can only see limited info . They can see labs after five days so they don’t freak out if we haven’t called them. good luck.
  2. You are very welcome. I humbly learn about many things from this site including medicine, side effects, life, history etc etc. Merry Xmas to everyone.
  3. You know I can’t give you med advice😿 but everyones different and I have seen many react differently to same meds. I have taken them long ago for my back. Sometimes it makes me feel dizzy and sleepy. And it can be due to interaction with other meds. Goodluck. You can talk to the doc.
  4. We cannot give you med advice but 3 months is still early. I would rest and won’t do anything that might upset the brain. Rest, rest, rest and hydration. Colors and crowds and noises might be too much for the brain. I would call and ask the neuro what they think. I m sure there are other xmas traditions you can do and it might just be this year that you can’t shop together.
  5. Welcome to BTG. You can also follow up with the neurologist about the eye issues and might need to see neuro ophthalmologist as well. Goodluck.
  6. Welcome to BTG. We can’t give you medical advice but if you read the threads, there are many posts that are helpful. Rest, drink lots of fluids, etc I know it s easier said than done with two kids. You should be able to get some form of Medicaid if you are in the US due to sah. But your doctor or neurologist need to fill out forms. Good luck. Keep your blood pressure under control.
  7. Welcome to the site. You know I cannot give you med advice. I have seen many patients in coma for a long time but it s not from SAH. It is very common to have headaches and the key is to drink lots of fluids, rest, no stress, etc. you ll see there are many helpful threads here.
  8. Welcome to the site. We cannot give you med advice but you ll see many helpful threads. you should also see neuro ophthalmologist. Good luck.
  9. Welcome to the website. You can take time and read thru some of the threads. They are very helpful. We cannot give you medical advice but I m sure you will get lots of info.
  10. Welcome to BTG. I think you can have your doctor or nurse explain to your family or give the family some info to read but sometimes it might not still work. Tell them your brain had an injury and it s not the same. You will see that some of these posts are very helpful esp by macca, subzero, daffodil etc etc. We cannot give medical advice but take your time and read some posts and they are very informative. Goodluck.
  11. I m sorry to hear that. I would suggest you get some info about the SAH . It has to be a handout in simple language or a letter from your doctor. Try to explain to the boss. Have them call your doctor if they need to. Just a few suggestions. Goodluck.
  12. I cant give you med advice. Talk to someone who really knows. I know some quit smoking with vaping. That is the goal. Not to get hook on smoking. very bad habit. Hard to quit but one must keep on trying. I tell my patients how much money they are wasting by smoking.
  13. Welcome to the website. We are not allowed to give you med advice but you will find many posts helpful. Drink lots of water, rest, sleep enough hours, try not to stress about many things, be careful about loud noises and screaming kids etc etc. sometimes if you click on birthdays you will see that each and everyone has a unique story. Goodluck to you.
  14. Best wishes. Count your blessings. Don’t think too much. Goodluck to you.
  15. To me, it s not about being positive or negative, it is just seeing the things as they are, as it is. we can worry and be anxious all day long or we can not care and live happily. But the truth is we will face old age, disease and we all come with an expiration date. If things are going the way we want all the time, we won’t even be on this forum. I m still very healthy but my knees remind me I m not in my twenties. I think the key is to not to be too worried, not to be too attached to self, to be able to control / train your mind, your worries, anger, greed, hatred, delusions. It is also helpful to have a partner/ spouse / friends who understands you and respect and accept you. but that can just be luck/ fate/ karma too.
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