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Our Win - Stroke Awards 2016



I think that many of you have perhaps heard about or you've seen the Stroke Awards publicised on Behind the Gray. https://www.stroke.org.uk/what-we-do/life-after-stroke-awards


I would just like to say, that I believe that everybody, who's suffered any type of Stroke/SAH, is completely worthy of an award and over the years, I've seen a lot of courage and humanity on Behind the Gray.


There are so many members who've had to go that "extra mile" and who still give support to others and that includes our Moderators, who are a complete joy to work with and I'm blessed! 


I applaud all of you, for your support and the help that you give, despite your own problems .... You're all very special and valued. 


I've had the privilege to see many members move forward from the very beginning of Behind the Gray and I've watched them struggle, trying to find answers and at the same time, re-build their lives and find their new "normal"...


We also have Carers on this site, supporting their partners and family and that's been an extremely humbling experience too.


However, if there was one member to pick this year, for the 2016 Stroke Awards, it was our Win ....I can remember Win's daughter joining Behind the Gray and how very poorly Win was and still in hospital .... I just look at Win now and can only say "Wow!" I know that Win still struggles, but "way to go girl!" 


Win was nominated by Behind the Gray but unfortunately she didn't win her category ... but to us, that really doesn't matter as Win is a winner and will always be a star in our eyes!


Macca wrote the following as a tribute to Win and how we feel about her .... 


"You are an inspiration to us all.  When I first joined this site, forlorn and feeling sorry for myself, you made me realise there is life after these events and that there is always someone worse off than ourselves.  Your bright and breezy, lemon squeezy attitude brightened my days then and it still does now.


You always have words of encouragement regardless of religion, colour or creed or status.  Also, it matters not where anyone is in the world, you are a very giving and selfless lady and you command my utmost respect.


Your humour with CarolynUSA is reminiscent of Victoria Wood and Julie Walters or Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.  It injects laughter where otherwise tears would flow and that can only be a good thing.  You are always pleased for improvements in other peoples' situations but never moan at your own.  That is so special Win and I just thought you ought to know it.


Bless you just for being you - you just don't know how much the rest of us appreciate the values and humanity you bring to us all."


On behalf of the Team at Behind the Gray, I would like to wish Win, a very happy SAH Anni-versary! .... and to also thank you all, for your kindness, humour and support.... You're all truly, very special people.  xx















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Bless you All Karen and Team,

Whenever my chin starts to wobble and I feel sorry for myself I come on here and type away and tears of gloom turn to tears of laughter so...   Thank You Karen and all her Family and Family of Mods.


To be honest I had a joke to give Chris Tarrant I was gonna say "We don't wanna give you that"  so in a way glad I wasn't picked as I would have shown you all up  ha ha  even had a song at the ready lol


Love to All of you

Win who nags hubby xx (Bless him)

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I cried when I read Macca`s wonderful words about Win, they were perfect.


Win, if there was a gold medal for fight and determination, you would win it.

You have helped so many people with your positive outlook and your " we can

beat this" attitude, I am so glad that we have you here at BTG.


You are an inspiration to us all,

Thanks Win for all that you are and all that you give to us,



Michelle xx

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Ta Michelle,


Love to hear about Molly, Verdun and your cake making and of course the Caravan xxxx


It is so easy to be nice when I get so much support even after my major mess ups lol


Love to All of you xxxxxxxx

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