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  1. Chelle C

    Ten Years Today

    Congratulations Colleen on your 10year anni-versary, Sorry to hear that you had ' blip ' hope you are feeling better, hope you have a great day. Best Wishes for continued good health. Love Michelle xx
  2. Chelle C

    2 years today

    Congratulations on your 2 year anni-versary Pat, Sounds like you are doing really well, it's lovely to see how positive you are about life, Hope you continue to go from strength to strength. Love Michelle xx
  3. Chelle C

    What's a SAH? What is that to do with the lesson?

    Hi Paul, Welcome to BTG, so pleased you have found us, this is a great place for support and advice, a place where you can also come to let off a bit of steam when and if you need to. I wish you well with your on going recovery and as Tina said, come along and join us in the green room, always lots of banter going on in there, we are all a big friendly bunch. Love Michelle xx
  4. Hi Valene, So sorry to hear that you ended up having to go to hospital, I could imagine how worrying that must have been. Macca is right, stress affects everyone differently, as he says if you can find the causes of your stress and cut them down or even out, you can get on top of this. Stress is not your best friend, you really need to be taking things easy and allowing your brain and your body to recover at their own pace, you will have good and bad days, problem is, if you don't listen to your body & brain, you are going to have more bad than good, they both need lots of time to recover, plenty of rest and making sure you are drinking plenty of water is also important, ask family and friends to help, as Macca said, spread the load a little bit. Things will begin to improve, it all takes time, you just have to do things at a different pace, slowly. I wish you well Valene, Love Michelle xx
  5. Hi Valene, My blood pressure was high and has been up and down like a yo yo over the last 4 years, I was told to get a home blood pressure monitor, I only check it once a month now as it is much better and within the parameters that the doctor wanted it to be. Louise could be right, maybe if you are over doing things it could be your body's way of telling you to slow down, as usual we will always say, if you are concerned and worried always see your doctor that way you will have your mind put at ease. I was given these tips for taking blood pressure at home. Before you start sit and relax, take some nice deep breaths. Continue those breaths while you are taking your blood pressure. Never sit with your legs crossed while you are doing it, this can affect your blood pressure reading. Hope you get things sorted and everything settles down for you. Good luck Love Michelle xx
  6. Chelle C

    Comeback - Bill

    Hi Bill, I don't know you from old, it sounds like you've had a difficult time of it, glad to see you have made progress with the problems that you've been having. You are right, recovery isn't easy or straight forward. So I'd like to welcome you back to the BTG family and wish you continued progress. Love Michelle xx
  7. Hi Susanne, Welcome to BTG, I Have to agree with Tina, it sounds like your husband is doing to much, most people returning to work after SAH usually do a phased return, gradually building up to returning to full time hours, some find that they are unable to get back to full time work, could your husband ask to start again by reducing the hours back and see how he manages with that, it might be a good idea for him to speak to his employer about this. The fatigue is his body's way of telling him it's not happy to be pushed to hard, his brain and his body have suffered a major trauma and they both need lots of time to recover, taking things at a slower pace will help with that. All of this is probably having an impact on his memory also, a lot of us have short term memory issues, a lot of us also find that if we over do things or are fatigued it has an affect on the way our brain functions. Susanne, is your husband drinking plenty of water, staying well hydrated is very important, being dehydrated can also have a negative affect on the brain. I'm really pleased you have found BTG, you have come to a great place for help, support and advice, we are not allowed to give medical advice, but we can share our own experiences of SAH and the recovery journey that we are all on with you, hopefully helping you to understand what is going on with your husband. Don't forget to look after yourself too, Wishing you both well Love Michelle xx
  8. Chelle C

    One year anniversary

    Congratulations on your 1st Anni-versary, it is great to hear how well he is doing. Hope you both have a lovely holiday & enjoy celebrating your wedding anniversary. Love & best wishes to you both Michelle xx
  9. Chelle C

    8 years for me today!

    Congratulations Macca on your 8 year anni-versary and your 6th wedding anniversary, I hope you have a wonderful day, I also want to thank you, over the 4 years that I have been coming here you have shown me great support and for that I am truly grateful, you have a wonderful way with words, your honesty and empathy with people is just amazing. You are a wonderful person and an inspiration to us all. Wishing you well Macca Love Michelle xx
  10. Chelle C


    Hi Anne, I too still have bouts of dizziness 4 years since SAH, it was worse in the beginning but it has improved as time has gone on, I do compensate by doing things a bit slower than I used to. The fatigue is probably the worst thing to cope with, it is still early days with your recovery as Tina said, things will improve as time goes on, just make sure you stay well hydrated and rest up when you are tired, listen to your body and brain as they will let you know if you over do it. Try to slow things down a little bit, I'm sure things will start to improve, If you are very worried speaking to your GP may help to put your mind at ease. Good luck, I hope things start to settle down soon for you. Love Michelle xx
  11. Chelle C

    Taste bud problems?

    Hi Joe, I also had problems with my taste buds, I used to love eating mints before my bleed, can't eat them now I am 4 years since SAH, I struggle with brushing my teeth but I manage by making sure I rinse all of the toothpasteout of my mouth, the other thing I couldn't eat was chocolate but thankfully that one has corrected itself. As everyone has said it takes time for things to settle down. As Jan said just keep trying your favourite foods. Good luck Love Michelle xx
  12. Chelle C


    I had acupuncture for my back, it did help to relax things off for a little while, she used to put one of the needles in the bit of skin between my thumb and first finger and I would feel so relaxed it made me fall asleep and I felt really good when she woke me up. Really hope it helps to get your shoulder feeling better Jan. Love Michelle xx
  13. Chelle C

    Feeling down

    Hi Ian, Sorry to hear you are having a rough time at the moment, did the DWP give a reason for stopping your ESA, If I were you I would go and speak to either Citizens Advice Bureau or if your local council have a Welfare Rights person you could maybe speak to them, I have used them in the past and have always found them very helpful. You maybe entitled to a Mandatory Reconsideration ( which means they look at your claim again ) if they don't change their decision then you are entitled to appeal, i think I have got that right, if not then I'm sure someone will put you right on that bit. Don't leave it to long though as you only have a certain length of time in which to do it. I really hope this helps, the headaches you are experiencing are probably stress related, had a similar experience myself very recently and that was to do with DWP. As always if you are worried about headaches speak to your GP. Hope you get things sorted out and things start looking better for you. Take care Love Michelle xx
  14. Chelle C


    Brilliant news Tara, Hope this is the start of continued improvement for your mum. Let us know how things are going. Love Michelle xx
  15. Hi Mandy, Welcome to BTG so glad you have found us, you will find a wealth of information here, although we are not allowed to give medical advice you can learn a lot from all the different experiences that other members have had due to SAH, I'm sorry that you appear to have a problem with your leg, it is still early in your recovery but if you are very worried maybe contact the hospital where you had your treatment to get some advice about your leg. As for whether it's the bleed or the surgery that has caused it, the only person who can tell you that is your surgeon, most people get a follow-up appointment around 6 months after the event, if for whatever reason you don't get a letter then you should contact the hospital. I had left sided weakness after my SAH, I also had to lift my leg to do certain things and had to use crutches, when I went back for my follow up my surgeon suggested that I should have some Physiotherapy and it did really help me, 4 years down the recovery road I only notice a bit of weakness whenI am tired or if I have over done things, so it might be worth asking about. I think you will find that most members have had a similar experience when leaving hospital, especially not being given much information and also finding that gp's don't really have much idea about SAH because they very rarely come across someone who has suffered a one, you can start to feel like you've just been dumped and left to get on with it. As I said at the start, you are very early in your recovery, your brain and your body have suffered a huge trauma and they both need lots of time to recover, making sure that you are getting lots of rest and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated is very important, staying hydrated will help with any headaches that you may have and resting when you need to is also an important part of your recovery. I think the worst thing for me was the fatigue, in the first couple of months just moving from one room to another was exhausting, I also found it very difficult to explain to friends and family how tired I actually was, you could show your partner and friends this forum, they can read some of the posts that relate to how you are feeling and maybe get a better understanding of what you have been through and what you are still going through, you also need to understand that no two bleeds are the same, so recovery levels and recovery rates are all different, I wish you well as you go along the recovery road, it can be a bit of a bumpy one at times, we are here to help you along that road, come along into the green room and join in the daily banter, you will get a laugh at some of the posts and also make a lot of new friends. You no longer have to feel that you are going through this alone. Love & best wishes Michelle. Xx