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  1. Hi Shaw, Like Tina, I had no symptoms prior to my bleed either. So sorry that after making a really good recovery you are now experiencing those odd symptoms again. Hopefully your scan will get to the bottom of what is going on with you. It must be a very worrying time for you, if you need to off load those worries we are always here for you. Wishing you well and good luck with your scan. Love Michelle xx
  2. Congratulations Jess on your 18th anni-versary, sorry I am a day late. Well done on all that you have achieved and overcome in that time, your boys have a wonderful mum and we all have a wonderful friend. You bring great inspiration to this wonderful group and I for one am very grateful for all of your help and support. Hope you had a wonderful day with your precious boys, they must be very proud of you. Here's to the next 18 years. Love & hugs Michelle. Xx
  3. Macca Congratulations on your 10 year Anni- versary and your 8th wedding anniversary. You are a lovely man, always a great support and great friend to everyone, I have been very grateful on many occasions for your words of encouragement and support. Enjoy your celebrations tonight. Here's to your next 10 years. Love Michelle xx
  4. Sarah, beautiful fitting words for your wonderful mum, brought tears to my eyes. She was a very special lady, who touched so many people lives. When I think of Win, it's always with a smile on my face and a song, she was just a very special person. Xx
  5. Congratulations Andrea on your 5 year Anni- versary, it is amazing how quickly the years go by and how far you have come in that time. Wishing you well and here's to many more years of health and happiness. Love Michelle xx
  6. Sorry I ran out of thank you's Thank you to everyone for your lovely words. Xx
  7. Hi Everyone, Well here I am 6 years since my bleed, can't believe how quickly this time has passed. I think I am doing ok, still noticing small improvements, although I still have a lot of problems with fatigue and my memory I am still learning my limitations, still sometimes pushing myself beyond them and paying the price for doing so, I think we all do that sometimes. The last 12 months have been good and bad, the good being we bought a nice new caravan and had a very large new deck put on it, it's lovely, it really is my sanctuary and having it has helped
  8. Hi Ggirl, Welcome to BTG as we call it, so sorry to hear that your dad has suffered SAH and is in ICU. I was not sedated after my surgery so sadly I can't comment on that, there some members who I am sure will come along and share their experiences of this with you. You have come to a great place for help, advice and support, although we can't give medical advice, we can share with you our own experiences of SAH although you will find that everyone's SAH and recovery are different, we have all taken the journey that your dad is now on. Any questions you have f
  9. Hi Paolo, Welcome to BTG, so sorry to hear that you suffered SAH and a stroke, you have come to a great place for support, advice and friendship. We all get it because we have been through it and although we can't give medical advice, we can share with you our stories of our recovery journey. I also had SAH and a stroke, my stroke came 6 months after my bleed, they were not sure if the 2 were connected, my stroke also affected my right side, I was fortunate only to be left with some numbness on the inside of my right foot and I still have slight weakness in my arm and leg but
  10. Karen I did the same, pan & wooden spoon and lots of tears too, I really hope our lovely Win heard us..... love & hugs to everyone. Xx
  11. Sarah I just can't find the words to say how shocked and totally devastated I am to hear that your wonderful mum, our wonderful Win has passed away so suddenly. Win was a beautiful person both inside and out, she was always so upbeat and full of fun, she always managed to make me smile no matter what sort of day I was having, I sing all the time now ( Winnie's orders ) she was right, it does make you happy. I used to get wrong off her because when I had baked a cake and mentioned that I had, she always wanted a piece, I would have loved to have made her a cake.
  12. Hi Mat Y, Welcome to BTG as we call it, so sorry that you suffered SAH without them being able to give you a reason, sadly there are a lot of members here who had NASAH andi am sure some of them will come along and share their own experiences with you which may help to put your mind at ease a little. I suffered SAH 2014 mine was an Aneurysm, then in 2015 I was diagnosed with Tinnitus and still suffer with it, sometimes I don't notice it but during this lockdown it has been a constant white noise, not sure if it's stress or just that things are a lot quieter than normal so I am
  13. Congratulations on your 3 year Anni- versary Jean, you have come so far and achieved so much, it's lovely to hear that you are still noticing improvements as you travel on your recovery journey, keep on keeping on lovely lady. Love Michelle xx
  14. Gem, so sorry for the loss of your dad, my heart goes out to you and your family at this very sad & difficult time. We will always be here for you if you need us at anytime. Sending you love & hugs Love Michelle xx
  15. Daff, so sorry I am so late to this. Congratulations on your 8th anniversary, all I can say is you truly are a very special and inspirational lady, what you have been through and all that you have achieved is amazing, you give so many of us BTG'ERS hope and encouragement that things do get better, for that I will always be grateful. Sending you love & Hugs lovely lady Keep on keeping on. Love Michelle xx
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