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  1. Congratulations Daff on your 9th Anniversary, over the last 6 and a bit years I have loved reading your posts and taken so much from the strength and courage you have shown, you always have a great positive out look on life after SAH, i wish I could be like you. I thank you for all of the support you have given me over these years. Keep on keeping on lovely lady, I hope you had a lovely day celebrating all that you have achieved. Love & hugs Michelle. Xx
  2. I had Pfizer vaccine 11 days ago and I had all of the side effects, headache, sore arm and quite bad muscle pain in arms and legs, but if there is a side effect to a medication, i am sure to get it. As Super Mario said, everyone is different, you should speak to your doctor or nurse about any concerns, they will talk you through it and hopefully put your mind at rest. I am speaking to my GP on Monday, just to put my mind at rest as I still don't feel 100% back to normal. Xx
  3. So pleased all is ok for you Sallios. Time to relax now and enjoy life. Take care Love Michelle xx
  4. Welcome to BTG, You will as you have discovered find a wealth of information here, lots of people who have gone through and are going through, what you are experiencing. There is always someone here who can answer any questions you may have, although we can't give medical advice as non of us are qualified to do so. Try to make sure that you stay well hydrated and rest when you need to, it all helps to alleviate any headaches and helps with the fatigue. I wish you well as you continue on your recovery journey, be kind to yourself. Love M
  5. Sarah, that is wonderful news, what a huge relief that must be for you. You deserve to be ecstatic after all these months of not knowing what was going to happen. Really pleased for you. Xx
  6. Congratulations Super Mario, I am so sorry I missed your 17th anniversary. It's great that you are still living life to the best of your ability. I know you will have missed your lovely holidays over this last 12 months, hopefully that will change in the coming year. You have always been a great support to me over the last 6 and a bit years, you have and will inspire others to see that you can still have a life after SAH. I hope you had a good day. Love Michelle xx
  7. Congratulations Claire on you 6th anniversary, you have achieved so much since your bleed, you should be very proud. You have a wonderful positive attitude and have overcome some challenging times where your working life was concerned, well done also on keeping up with your running, you are an inspiration to us all and will be to the many who come along in the future. I hope you enjoyed your run this morning and the rest of your special day. You are truly amazing. Love Michelle xx
  8. Hi ann_calgary I am so pleased that your MRI looked good, that must be a huge weight off your mind. It sounds like your appointment went really well, with your doctor being straight and up front with you must have given you some peace of mind. It also must mean that everything is stable if he feels that you don't need to have the stent fitted at the moment. It's good that you came away feeling at peace with what he had to say. Take care & stay safe Love Michelle xx
  9. Hi Everyone, Today I had an appointment with my Optician, my normal 2 year check up. For just over a week I have been having a problem with my left eye, the only way I can describe it is to say it has felt like i am looking through a very fine net curtain, probably sounds a bit odd, Anyway i mentioned it to him today, so he set about investigating what it could possibly be, his first conclusion was the start of a cataract, which he said at the moment didn't need to be dealt with. He then decided to look a little more closely at my eye, putting drops in, the drops d
  10. Aww Sarah, what a day you had. So glad you were ok after your sliding car incident and I really do hope they don't keep you waiting to long for your results. Love & hugs Michelle xx
  11. When I had my SAH, I had told my partner I was going to the loo, then jump in the shower, nearly 7 years later and I still can't say that sentence out loud, I even have to stop myself from thinking about those to scenarios together, I get very panicked by it. When I first came out of hospital, my partner had to stand outside the bathroom door while i used the loo, i was terrified of that bathroom, i used to have a surge of panic everything I needed to go in it, especially if I was alone in the house, i was alone when my SAH happened, my partner was walking our dog at the time.
  12. Hi frmertd, I can say I understand some of what you are saying, when i had my SAH in 2014, my partner was my rock at first, for the first few months, when I had my follow up appointment 6 months after SAH, things changed quite dramatically when we were told I should give myself at least a 2 year recovery window, even then it could take a lot longer than that. He actually said to me the doctor didn't mean it would literally take that long. Well I just said, we would just have to take each day as it came. My family especially my oldest sister was of the attitude, " Michel
  13. Hi Selah Welcome to BTG as we call it, so sorry to hear that you suffered SAH, but you have found a great place for help, support and reassurance. We have all walked this road that you now find yourself on and we are all here to help you on your recovery journey. We cannot give medical advice as non of are qualified to do so, what we can share with you is our own experience of recovery, not forgetting of course that no two bleeds are the same, just as everyone's recovery is different. It can be quite a scary time at the beginning, not knowing if aches and pa
  14. Hi Suzanne, Congratulations on your 1st anni-versary as has been said the fist one is always the hardest, i remember my first, it was a very emotional day. It does get easier as each one comes around, i am 6 years now and I celebrate that date now, we survived and are here to tell the tale. Well done on quitting the cigarettes, I tried and failed miserably. Wishing you all the very best as you continue your recovery journey. Love Michelle. Xx
  15. Hi Carolyn Some great advice from everyone, i can only agree with what everyone has said. Slow and steady is the way to go with this, your body and your brain have suffered great trauma and they really do need lots of time to recover, i am 6 years down the line and I remember spending much of my first 2 years sleeping and doing things at a very slow pace. I did try and push myself but I did suffer for doing that, i was given some excellent advice when I first joined BTG, that advice was to listen to your body and your brain, they will let you know whe
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