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  1. Hi Nikki, Welcome to BTG, sorry you have had a setback, as Tina said it could be your body's way of letting you know that you have over done things. I hope you get all the answers to all of your questions when you see your Neurologist, in the meantime the advice I would give you is to take things easy, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, most of all try to listen to your body, if you are tired make sure you rest, your brain and your body have suffered Trauma and they need lots of time to recover, don't try to push yourself to recover to quickly, have a look at the thread on here titled " A Letter from my brain " it really does make sense when you read it, The recovery road can be a little bumpy at times, up days and down days are pretty normal, just try to take things slowly. I wish you well with your recovery. Love Michelle xx
  2. Hi Norma, Just wanted to say hope all went well with your surgery yesterday, wishing you well with your recovery. Love Michelle xx
  3. Maria, sending love to you both, hope all goes well for you both. Stay strong lovely lady. Love Michelle xx
  4. Hi Sophieskb, Welcome to BTG, so sorry to hear that you suffered an SAH, you have come to a great place for help, advice and great support. I had mine in June 2014 I had a ruptured Aneurysm which was coiled along with a second one which they found during that procedure. We are not allowed to give medical advice as non of us are trained to do so, what we can do is share our own experiences of SAH and our recovery stories, although no two bleeds are ever the same, we all recover at different rates and some of us have some difficulties afterwards and some of us go on to make a full recovery. Seven weeks is still very early in terms of recovery, the headaches do get better, try to make sure you drink lots of water, staying hydrated really does help with that, also make sure that you don't over do things, lots of rest and if you need to sleep do so, fatigue is a one of the side effects that you will notice, the smallest of things can make you feel exhausted, make sure you listen to your body and when you feel tired make sure you rest. Your Brain and your body have suffered a traumatic event and they both need lots of time to recover, things will get easier as time goes on. There is a thread on here about driving after SAH, as I don't drive I can't really comment about it, I'm sure those that do will come along and give you advice on that. It can be very difficult for family to understand what you are going through, from the outside you look perfectly fine, they can't see what is going on inside and the way that is making you feel, there is a thread on here titled A Letter From My Brain, have a look at it and then you can maybe let your family read it, also you could show them this website and let them read some of the stories and posts from other survivors, by doing that it may help them to better understand what you are feeling. Anyway I would just like to wish you all the very best as you go along your recovery journey, pop in the green room, join in the banter when you feel up to it, we are a friendly lot, we are here to help and support as much as we can, we have all been where you are now, don't ever feel like you are alone. Love Michelle xx
  5. Hi Jessica, Welcome to BTG as we call it, So sorry to hear about your daughter having SAH, 7 years old is such a very young age to be going through something like this, it will have been a very traumatic time for you all. I don't personally have any knowledge about where you can get more information, but I can say that you have come to a great place for help and support, if anyone here has any information that will help to point you in the right direction I'm sure they will come along and share it with you. We can't give medical advice as non of us are medically trained, what we can do is share our own experiences of SAH, give you lots of support, there are quite a few here who are carers of someone who has suffered SAH, so don't feel like you are alone, you are not. 2 months is still very early in terms of recovery, try to make sure your daughter drinks plenty of water, staying hydrated does help with headaches, lots of rest and trying not to over do things will also help, just take it one day at a time. The recovery road can be a little bit bumpy at times, good days and bad days are normal early on, we are here for you and we will try and help you as much as we can. I wish you and your daughter all the very best as you go along the recovery journey. Love Michelle xx
  6. Congratulations Super Mario, Wow, 15 years well done and can I just say what an inspirational lady you are, You give us all hope that you can still have a good life after SAH, as you say " just in a different way " Keep on enjoying your lovely holidays and enjoying life & thank you for all the support you have given to me and so many others. Hope you have a lovely day. Love Michelle xx
  7. Hi Neil, Sounds like both Cassandra and you have been through an awful lot in the last 3 years. The recovery road can be very bumpy one at times with all that we have to deal with, I am so sorry to hear that Cassandra's last surgery has left her with the deficit's that have knocked her back somewhat. I'm sure with the love and support she is getting from you things will start to improve and hopefully get her back on track no matter how long it takes, I think the ideas that super Mario gave you are brilliant and definitely worth investigating. Sending you both love and strength as you continue on your recovery journey together. We are always here if and when you need us. Love Michelle xx
  8. Hi Joe, I agree with what Karen & Win have said, get it checked out with GP, like Karen said it could be something that is easily fixed. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Take care Love Michelle xx
  9. Hi Clive, welcome to BTG, Sounds like you are learning to cope with the things that SAH throw at us, mine was 4 and bit years ago too, June 2014. You have come to the right place for advice & support, everyone's very welcoming and you will make a lot of new friends here. As Super Mario said, have a look in the green room, it's where we all hang out, have a laugh, sometimes have a bit of a moan, but usually it's just banter. Look forward to hearing more from you. Wishing you well Love Michelle xx
  10. Congratulations Colleen on your 10year anni-versary, Sorry to hear that you had ' blip ' hope you are feeling better, hope you have a great day. Best Wishes for continued good health. Love Michelle xx
  11. Congratulations on your 2 year anni-versary Pat, Sounds like you are doing really well, it's lovely to see how positive you are about life, Hope you continue to go from strength to strength. Love Michelle xx
  12. Hi Paul, Welcome to BTG, so pleased you have found us, this is a great place for support and advice, a place where you can also come to let off a bit of steam when and if you need to. I wish you well with your on going recovery and as Tina said, come along and join us in the green room, always lots of banter going on in there, we are all a big friendly bunch. Love Michelle xx
  13. Hi Valene, So sorry to hear that you ended up having to go to hospital, I could imagine how worrying that must have been. Macca is right, stress affects everyone differently, as he says if you can find the causes of your stress and cut them down or even out, you can get on top of this. Stress is not your best friend, you really need to be taking things easy and allowing your brain and your body to recover at their own pace, you will have good and bad days, problem is, if you don't listen to your body & brain, you are going to have more bad than good, they both need lots of time to recover, plenty of rest and making sure you are drinking plenty of water is also important, ask family and friends to help, as Macca said, spread the load a little bit. Things will begin to improve, it all takes time, you just have to do things at a different pace, slowly. I wish you well Valene, Love Michelle xx
  14. Hi Valene, My blood pressure was high and has been up and down like a yo yo over the last 4 years, I was told to get a home blood pressure monitor, I only check it once a month now as it is much better and within the parameters that the doctor wanted it to be. Louise could be right, maybe if you are over doing things it could be your body's way of telling you to slow down, as usual we will always say, if you are concerned and worried always see your doctor that way you will have your mind put at ease. I was given these tips for taking blood pressure at home. Before you start sit and relax, take some nice deep breaths. Continue those breaths while you are taking your blood pressure. Never sit with your legs crossed while you are doing it, this can affect your blood pressure reading. Hope you get things sorted and everything settles down for you. Good luck Love Michelle xx
  15. Hi Bill, I don't know you from old, it sounds like you've had a difficult time of it, glad to see you have made progress with the problems that you've been having. You are right, recovery isn't easy or straight forward. So I'd like to welcome you back to the BTG family and wish you continued progress. Love Michelle xx
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