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Gail's Story


I was working out at the health club in a class doing push-ups when it hit. I think I felt a pop and then pain. I left my class and put my sweats on. I walked to my car feeling worse and worse all the time, got in and called my husband. Not sure what was happening, I drove to my parents' house only a few blocks away. By the time I got there, I was feeling the pulsation in my head and the nausea was setting in. My husband had called my parents and they were outside by the time I got there.


They took one look at me and called the ambulance. I didn't think I could move. When the ambulance arrived, they said, "You probably just pulled something in your neck when you were working out." I said, no, I think this is something vascular. My head hurts a lot. They took me to the closest hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, even with these typical SAH symptoms, it took an hour of waiting and shaking like a leaf before I saw a doctor. He immediately ordered a CT scan and they saw the bleed. I was rushed to another hospital.


I don't remember most of the first week in the ICU and after 2 angiograms, they never found the source of the bleed. I moved to the neuro floor for another week and then was sent home. That was 6 years ago. My memory has been affected and i have chronic headaches, but I am so happy to be alive and to have minimal lasting effects -- and to have found this group!

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Hi Gail,


Glad you joined BTG as I was going to try and lose some weight I've put on.  Not now !!


I forget and always get headaches especially when under stress.

But they are getting better.


Things do get better though don't you think?  


I was told never get stressed.  So I keep away from those who tell you their tales of woe.


Keep happy when possible it is the best medicine and singing.


Hope all is good at moment xx

Win xx xx

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I just had the chance to read your story. Mine was non aneurysmal as well. That was 18 months ago. I always like reading stories from folks that are as far from your injury as you. Congrats to you. I still have headaches and dizziness. Memory is not always great but I know people without a brain injury that seem worse than me!


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Hi Gail,

my husband situation was exactly like you, we were working out in the GYM than he felt sudden headache i took him to the hospital, they did 2 angios CT and MRI.

2 weeks later they send him home (his SAH happened on november 22 2014)

now he is feeling pain on his neck and nausea i am wondering if that is normal?

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