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I fought like a girl and I WON!


February 13, 2018 my life changed forever.  


My daughter found me on my bedroom floor lodged between my bed and my nightstand. I was rushed to the hospital and an MRI showed that I had suffered a major subarachnoid haemorrhage. The ups and downs that I endured are almost too many to mention.


I developed encephalitis and had 3 different brain shunts put in.

The doctor told my family that I would probably be out in a month.


I spent 10 months on the ABI ward.  Just when I was doing better, I got a bad gall bladder infection that infected my whole body with staphylococcus.

The saddest part of my recovery was that I found out later that the love of my life had suffered the same thing a week after I did. I was later told that he had died in the ICU right beside me.


I truly believe he gave me his last bit of strength to help me live.  


It’s like a real love story. 









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Hi Survivor13 :) 


A very warm welcome to BTG.


Bless you, you have been through so much with your own recovery only to have also lost the love of your life during this time. Devastating for you and your family, cant begin to comprehend what you have all been through. Thank you for sharing.


So glad you won :) a real love story ❤️

You look amazing in your pictures with your lovely family.


Wishing you well and look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Tina xx

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Thanks for posting. I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, a sad but beautiful love story. It looks like your children are a great support. Continue strong in your recovery.

Best wishes. Kathy

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