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Joanna's Story


I had my SAH on the 2/7/16 coiled 4/7/16. I was driving back from shopping with my partner and 3 year old daughter we had a heated discussion that's when it happened the worse pain I've ever felt my neck went stiff head was banging and felt very sick.


I had been suffering funny headaches since April and been given migrealeve,cocodamol and told numerous times by GP I was suffering with migraines. My partner drive us home and I went to bed and slept for 12 hours he woke me and I couldn't lift my head so he rang the hospital and no ambulances were available so we went waited 3 hours in A&E to see a doctor who ordered a ct scan.


They said I had a bleed and would be transferred to Salford Royal for more test it was there they found the aneurysm 11mm x 6mm had this coiled. I also have another which is 4 mm and they decided to watch this one.


I find it hard to switch off at night although I'm very tired still ...I'm taking paracetamol and ibuprofen most days and feel hungover every morning.... very fatigued after the smallest tasks but I am improving.


Luckily I have no memory problems just get very irritated and don't have the patience I had previous. I was back driving after my 3 month check up with consultant. I've not felt like going back to work just yet ....my 3 year old keeps me very busy.. 

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Hi Joanna 


Welcome to BTG, still early days for you despite it being last July. Are you drinking plenty of water as it really does help. My son used to bring me a large mug of tea and a big glass of squash every morning for me to drink in bed. I remember lying in bed, head under covers just waiting till I felt ok enough to sit up and start the day.

I doubt that hung over feeling is due to the paracetamol and ibuprofen, they don't have that effect, it's probably just the after effects of the sah, but if you are worried get it checked out.


You have the added complication of a 3 year old so that must make things that much more difficult. The fatigue can go on for a long time, I still suffer now and am coming up for 2 years. Just take it easy as much as possible and try and accept that life may be just a little more different now. Not worse, just different and eventually you will accept the new normal.


Good news about your memory as that is often a lasting side effect. I expect the short temper is due to fatigue, try stepping back a little and let others do things.


I am sure many others here will have plenty of advice. Sounds like you are doing great, be good to hear more from you.


Clare xx



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Hi Joanna,


Hope you get better soon, Do not rush things,  This site has helped my Daughter and myself no end.


When I was in hospital it gave her somewhere to write her worries /concerns about me down.


I was out of it so never knew what was happening.


Best thing is No Stress !!  Try and keep happy and never take on others worries.


Good luck on your recovery and a smile a day helps xx


Take Care


WinB143 alias Win xxx

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