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  1. Re: Eureka!! Tick - I am not over-reacting or looking for problems that aren't there Tick - this is what I know those around me think Tick- YOU should be proud of all you have been & continue to deal with Tick- original post mentioned so many things that I have been 'struggling' with over the last few years and recognise,. Tick- have been told by my GP that I am depressed Tick- suffering from stress blah, blah, blah Tick- ignoring or not listening to what I feel are my real issues Tick- memory, language hesitation (verbal & written) Tick- utter fatigue lol- devoid of all fluffiness. Tick- I feel nothing, Tick- long conversations bore me, Tick- little to no empathy Tick- not simply an "attention seeker" (how I've been made to feel!?!) Tick- found work more than challenging Tick- ability to cope deteriorating Tick- finally left Tick- I am not the person I used to be Tick- how do I explain this without sounding like a 'whining child looking for excuses?' YAY! -Your post & this thread ... has helped at least one person. Tick - I may just copy & take this with me Well done for coming back, that's progress! and took some effort I guess. Hope you can find the energy to keep coming back. NB - confrontation fear, social engagement incompetence - funnily enough this is better for me now than it was before! Go Figure!
  2. Dear Mum of five, Lots of good advice here. Thought I would add a little tip for you, one that I have just started about 2 weeks ago. Zen Breathing exercises I am still going 3.5 years later. This is actually my first post. Though I feel like an older member, because I have been visiting for over 2 years. Kept meaning to post my story or something over and over again. This is so hard just writing this now. Filling up already, I can hardly see the screen. Best of luck for the 28th. Hope you can try the Zen. Two minutes a day is all it takes. Just done mine in the greenhouse( my quiet place) So much more I could say, but I am going to press the button now or this post will never get posted.
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