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  1. Hey! Thanks for all the responses! I went to the ER @ Emory as instructed. They did bloodwork and a CT, being concerned with cerebral edema, increase of CSF or blood. It came back normal. So they gave me some meds and consulted a neurologist. They sent me home with a steroid to take for the next several days for inflammation. And a neurologist is supposed to be calling me tomorrow to follow up and see what, if anything can be done to alleviate some of these symptoms. I have a feeling it may just be par for the course of recovering from the SAH and the nmbrain injury it left. But we will see. Again, thanks so much for responding! It helps a lot to know there are others out there and I'm not just crazy. Because at times this recovery makes me feel like I am losing my mind-or what's left of it. Haha! XOXO, Myra
  2. Hi all! I am 4 months post NASAH. The bleed was in the left posterior frontal lobe. I've experienced "normal" recovery symptoms, such as headaches, expressive aphasia, and confusion. Things had seemed to be progressing a little until about 2 weeks ago. It started going backwards with more severe and more frequent headaches, waves of overwhelming nausea, a general feeling of unease, and dizziness. Then I started having these strange feelings in my left temple, like a baby moving in its pregnant mom's belly. I know that sounds crazy. But even my friend could feel it and was freaked out by it. My legs have gotten so weak and shaky upon standing. It feels as if I have always just finished climbing down lighthouse stairs. When I lay for any period of time on my left side, my peripheral vision in the left eye goes grey. Then 2 days ago, I woke up with a dark circle under the left eye. It is still present. My aphasia and confusion have worsened. Anxiety has increased to the point of hyperventilation at times. My vision is so blurry by the end of the day, I feel like I need my glasses, which I'm already wearing. I got lost driving to work (worked there for over a year) then was confused later in the week about which grocery store I was in. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress at home so I attributed the anxiety and regression to this. Stress had seemed to cause some regression in the past but no where near this. I called my neurosurgeon this afternoon and was instructed that these symptoms were worrisome & not normal, even for SAH recovery, & to come to the ER @ Emory(several hours away) first thing in the morning to be evaluated. If things progress, to come in tonight. They said I could not wait and come in Monday to be checked. Their concern without much explanation worries me a little bit to all that is going on? Has anyone else had any issues like these? Wondering what possibilities they are concerned with. Thanks! Myra
  3. Thanks for all the support! Yes I am in the US. I'm sure I could go to my neurosurgeon, or even my GP, and get a letter saying medically I cannot do this yet. I have no idea when I would be able to keep up with the workaholic life I had prior to the SAH. And I do understand they need someone to cover that 64 hr call. It just can't be me at this point. Crazy thing is, this is the hospital (it has a gym in the wellness center) where I had collapsed and the ER where I was lifeflighted out. A lot of these people are the same ones that were there worrying I would die, 3 months ago. Wow, 3 months ago -saying that seems crazy to me to even be thinking about trying to work my FT job and this call at the hospital. Being a nurse myself, knowing what I do, that seems like a bad bad idea. Unsafe for me. Unsafe for my patients. I totally agree with you Macca- I think it is difficult for everyone to remember how slow the recovery can be because they can't "see it". Its frustrating to me because while I can explain it to others and show them educational material, I cannot understand it for them. It is like everyone looks at me and sees me walking around and alive and thinks "wow I'm glad that's over. She looks all better now." They have no idea what it's like on the inside. That's why I have been so grateful for BTG! After talking with my husband last night, he says to just resign from the hospital. He thought I was working too much before my SAH and worries that all that stress contributed to it. He says there is no need for that, and to let it go. And I know he is right. I know you all are right as well! Thanks so much! Myra
  4. Hi guys! I have been back to work part time (at my FT job at an endoscopy center) since December 1, working only 4 hrs a day doing mostly paperwork. My SAH was September 22 2016. Some weeks I don't even make it to work everyday. The headaches are ridiculous and I just feel so wiped out so easily. I'm a registered nurse. Before my SAH, I worked my FT job and took weekend call in surgery at the hospital in my area. Today, the hospital called and pretty much said I have to start taking call again in two weeks or resign. The call is 64 hours straight. I told them I do not feel like I can safely do that at this point in my recovery. On my feet, running for supplies in emergency situations, and moving HEAVY patients. They said to just think about it, talk with my husband, pray about it, and let them know. I already know I am not ready for this, as I can barely do what I am doing already. It just makes me sad because I have worked there doing this for about 7 years. I still will have my job at the endoscopy center and it will be okay. Guess I just needed to talk this through with some of you that have been here before me:) thanks!
  5. Myra


    Broncothor- How long did it take before you were able to run again? I was running/hiking 15-20 miles a week when this happened. I know it will take a while to get my strength back up for any of this but curious what the future may be like, knowing of course everyone is different.
  6. Myra


    I wish I could get more sleep. I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I will feel really tired but my brain doesn't shut off and I toss and turn, usually getting only about 4 hours sleep. I've spoken with my doctor about this and started taking melatonin. It helps a little but I'd love to get a full nights rest. Sleeping medication isn't an option because of the memory loss side effects he says. Thanks for responding! Again, it helps so much to know there are others out there that have went through this.
  7. Myra


    Hey! My name is Myra and I am from Georgia in the US. I have been so thankful I found Behind the Grey! I had a SAH September 22, 2016 while running on the treadmill at the gym. I was stabilized at our ER and then airlifted to Emory in Atlanta. They said I had a non-aneurysm SAH. I spent 10 days in the neuroscience ICU. They didn't really give me any information about SAH recovery at discharge, so this group has been very comforting to me to know I am not alone. I still have headaches daily, sometimes pretty severe ones, and have expressive aphasia and short term memory issues. The doctors say these things will get better with time. I started back to work, for half days, on December 1. I have been pretty fatigued since starting back but love my job and really want to get back to the life I had before. I am a RN. I worked in surgery for 7 years, and just went to work full time at a busy endoscopy center in July, while keeping my OR position at the hospital as well. Starting back to work seemed to push me back in my recovery but I am trying to push through. I just had my follow up cerebral angiogram yesterday. And it was normal! However, I have had a nonstop headache since and my expressive aphasia has worsened again. Has anyone else had any experience with this? Any thoughts are encouraged! Thanks! -Myra
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