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  1. Another year ! Still feels like yesterday
  2. Ok has anyone started sleepwalking? I'm 2 and a half yrs down the line and woke up after sitting on a tin in the bathroom thinking it was the toilet !!! Woke up as my butt crushed the tin. Then I went and sat on the toilet
  3. Hi daffodil Well I was the same as you and still am, tired all the time, my doc put me on anti depressants. I've been on them for over a year. I don't cry now I have no emotions at all I'm suffering from PTSD.
  4. Well the job I've got is driving again but it's only a little van 5.30am start. I deliver sandwiches, baguettes and baps around Chesterfield and Matlock so has to be early start and lasts 10 hours. But its a job, couldn't live on 44 pound DLA I guess I'm a ticking time bomb again but I have to live. This country doesn't care about us. FACT !
  5. Hi everyone Well where do I start I'm now just over 2 and a half years down the line from my op in the last year I've done a college course in electronic accounts Sageline 50 got first class passes in all three levels which I got told level 3 is a A level equivalent. Fatigue and tiredness has affected me like crazy, now I've just got a job 30 hours a week over 3 days and now I'm finding that I'm spending most of the days in between work I need my sleep. Why don't people understand why I'm so tired. ???
  6. Hi all Well think I've hit rock bottom after 28 months I've got no motivation I've only just got out of bed an I've given up on gettin any help off this government I'm livin on 44 pound a week DLA can't have jobseekers cos I've been out of work for over 2 yr And they stopped my ESA so lifes not good. I hope you all are ok keep fightin it's all u can do xx
  7. Well 18 months on an still no driving licence an benefits about to be stopped oh it still gets better not !
  8. Thanks you 2 think I need pushin more an i need to push my self more I've got tears as I read what u said but that's just me. Ill get there I've got to see a shrink on the 12 of this month hopefully ill be able to move forward xxx
  9. Well not sure how to start this 1 ?? Right dry eyes first Paul ok here goes I'm now 14 months on and I'm still havin probs movin on I was discharged 21 jan 2012 since then I've had 1 brain scan and the specialist nurses have asked to see me once that was to put a face to a name My doctors might as well be students when I go they just say it's amazin what surgeons can do an it's all over there heads an just sign me off for 8 wks at a time I've said it's 14 months but to me it was yesterday I've had no explanation about what I've had done I've got 3 weeks of my life missin an for some reason I'm still tryin to put all this behind me to put it in a box an say move on sorry tears again as I'm writin this. I just wanted to know if anyone else as or is goin thru this anyone that's read my story will know I had probs from when it burst. The thing was I knew I had a aneursym in my head 2 years prior to it burstin I was told I was a lucky patient cos I knew bout it an could control it with blood pressure tablets but it still burst It's as if I need input But not sure if it will help
  10. Hmmmm where do I start ? DVLA dumb vacant lazy a***'s Excuse my French ! Well after my SAH in jan 2012 I'm still waiting to get my licence back. Due to the afore mentioned I've lost my job I was a hgv driver before my aneurysm burst, they didn't take my licence until march of last year and I was told I'd lose my car licence for 6 months' So at the end of sept/ beginning of oct I rang asking bout my licence to which I got told oh the info you was given was incorrect it will be at least another 6 wks before a decision will be made after 5 weeks I got another letter sayin it was gonna be another 8 week an please don't get in touch we will inform you So 3 weeks ago I got a letter sayin I've got to go to my doctors an have a medical DVLA will pay for it so 2 weeks ago a medical was done an sent to Swansea Think it was sent my pigeon they still not sorted it just a big thanks to DVLA your a star ill be signin on next week I've now joined the millions unemployed So my advice is be a pain call them every day an dont do what they advised me thanks to them I've got to retrain for another job my brain hurts as it is never mind starting a new job that's if anyone will employ me cos my attension span picking new things up Oh I forgot to say this is just my car licence I'm tryin to get back god knows what I'm gonna have to do to get my hgv licence maybe walk a tight rope whilr blind folded lol good luck peeps
  11. Hmmmmm well I used to be able to have 6/7 pints on a night out but now I struggle with a pint of Guinness also found I can only drink a few bottles of corona , of magners or Smirnoff even to be honest I'm not that bothered about drinkin much anymore We bought drink in for Xmas think 2 bottle of corona has gone an that was on New Year's Eve.
  12. Hi people. Well it's gettin closer to a yr since my head exploded not sure how I feel or how I should be feelin well here's the tears again I wasn't expecting to see Xmas again I hope anyone reading this, that as been told they have an aneursym in there brain doesn't do what I did an just hope the doc as ya meds right try push for brain scans closer then 2 yrs apart the pain I remember still like it was yesterday an I wouldn't wish that on anyone. An the other thing is get someone to fight for u to get u benefits your entitled too if u don't have the money worries I'm sure you'll recover quicker less to stress over ! Lets hope this Xmas an new year is a better one ! Merry Christmas my friends !!! Can't type no more too many tears
  13. Patsy keep ya chin up kid think you'll find ya Gp don't know much bout what we have gone thru get in touch with ya specialist nurse they helped me out. Havin said that still not had reply from dvla keep positive
  14. Hi Stephen Well I'm 9 months down the road an just looking into going back to work a few hours a day to begin with so as everyone will tell you on here listen to your body an drink lots of water oh an welcome aboard
  15. Hiya an welcome Hmm emotions I'm 8 month down the line an my emotions still kickin in I had 5 mins this mornin in tears for no reason I was thinkin about the two body guards they put at the bottom of my bed because I wanted the toilet an bein drugged up I didn't know what I was doin. I was told after that I'd ripped all my lines out my hand arm an oh my pipe out my private bit oups I've never been nasty but I got bouncers at the end of my bed oh dear !!!!
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