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  1. Regardless of my taking a driving assessment and passing with flying colours, my neuro surgeon will not support me in driving It is now 19 months and I am awaiting DVLA's medical team to assess my case which they have warned can take up to two months. I am very upset and angry, they told me to go home and get on and enjoy life yet they are holding me back as I feel like a prisoner being stuck at home
  2. DVLA is the baine of my life right now:-( My neuro consultant has refused to okay me to drive I am devastated as I am quite isolated where I live as the bus stop is a good 15-20 minute walk away up hill. I currently have problems with my lower limbs therefore walking such distances isn't an option for me right now. It looks like my case will be assessed by the medical team of DVLA. I have been waiting 18 months now to drive, I think it is appalling:-( I think I will have to undertake a driving assessment, I am dreading the thought, as I also normally avoid city centre locations for driving so the thought of having to drive there fills me with dread:-(
  3. I also suffer sleep disturbances since my SA haemorrhage. I now tend to be in bed by 10pm whereas before I would be awake until 1am. Unfortunately I go through spells of waking at very inappropriate times, this morning for example I woke at 2.15am. I couldn't go back to sleep which is the usual trend to be honest. How I have completed an hour of aqua aerobics on so little sleep today I not know They prescribed me Duloxetine 60 mg it is an anti depressant but it isn't working in respect of allowing me more sleep. Sorry to hear you are suffering too, I am now accepting that this is now 'just me' as miserable as it is If anyone has any ideas on how to resolve these issues I would be very interested also.
  4. Thanks Carl I am in agreement with you. Unfortunately I was in hospital for 4 months having contracting bacterial meningitis following my coiling but I do not have, fortunately, any serious disabilities. I do think my neuro surgeon thinks I must be affected mentally as he spoke to me like I was retarded on our visit to him at the private hospital:-( They have said it was remarkable that I actually continued with life following my bleeds but it is very frustrating that they believe it has had serious consequences to my day to day living:-( to the point they are worried I won't be able to drive.
  5. I would like to think it would, but the only other GP in the practice is his wife (rolls eyes). Closed shop basically isn't it She told me a few months ago there was nothing wrong with my legs they just needed more exercise! In the meantime my physio has told me to stop any exercise as it is flaring my knees up! I need to change doctors don't I.
  6. Thanks everyone. I have sent across attached to the email the PDF from the driving instructor so fingers crossed it helps with their decision. The GP just wasn't interested and in my opinion he blooming well should be. I attended the practice a few days prior to my SAH with high BP, daily migraine with aura, pins and needles and he sent me home saying I was ok I sometimes wonder about our wonderful NHS and I worked in it for 20 years:-( I need to keep my chin up don't I, it's just really hard when you have battled for over a year to sort out benefits, pensions I thought this may be a bit easier, more fool me!
  7. Scoobs I will try my nurse specialist, thanks:-)
  8. Lin-Lin my husband spoke to my neuro surgeons secretary earlier on her response I thought was disgraceful:-( She said that he was very busy and not obligated to respond to DVLA which I know to be untrue. I worked with my surgeon for 20 years prior to my SAH so I am appalled at his lack of interest:-( Disgusted in fact. My husband has sent an email directly to my surgeon complaining about his secretary's attitude and emphasising the urgency to get me back behind the wheel. I feel completely isolated as mobility wise I am not that wonderful in terms of walking any distance so having to rely on family or my husband to drive me around is getting me down:-( I think 16 months is excessive in terms of still not driving.
  9. I am furious:-( I had a lesson from Diverse Road Safety a non profit organisation who help get disabled or people like ourselves who have had brain injuries back onto the road. It went really well, she documented I was no risk to other road users or pedestrians having full control of the vehicle. The next step was my GP however this morning he has refused to write to DVLA:-( He said he is not a specialist, despite DVLA telling my husband yesterday that his signature was more than acceptable. What more can I do! If I am honest I am fed up battling to do anything, everything is an uphill battle:-(
  10. Bagpus I was coiled, there certainly isn't a 12 month restriction on driving following it I think it is something quick like 6 weeks. Yes I agree regarding the severity of your bleed, mine was very severe I had two bleeds at the same time then contracted bacterial meningitis. My right eye was affected I.e. the eyeball dropped slightly giving me double vision, I walked around for 13 months with the glass on glasses over that eye frosted over. Fortunately the opthalmic team corrected my vision in June despite my neuro consultant saying it wouldn't work:-) My husband has just telephoned the lady at the driving school we are going to schedule appointments for me, hopefully this week, to get driving again:-) I cannot wait to get my freedom back by driving:-) We live somewhere quite out in the sticks so to be mobile driving again will be fantastic:-)
  11. I thought I would mention some help that was offered to me recently by the social worker at the brain injury unit at Mossley Hill. I am very frustrated at still not being able to drive despite never suffering seizures and now 15 months post SAH. He telephoned a lady who specialises in 'disabled drivers' be that physically or mentally for whatever reason. This lady runs Diverse Road Safety which specialises in vulnerable road users. He said usually it only takes a 1 1/2 - 2 hrs session at only £45 a session. She can then advise DVLA of your suitability back on the road. Due to the non compliance of my own Neuro Consultant to provide DVLA with the information they require this is the route I am taking. I hope it can be of use to others
  12. Paul I tried that recently over my health and he still didn't respond:-( We ended up paying £200 private consultation fee to get a response:-(
  13. We are going to ask for DVLA to test me themselves as waiting for my consultant to respond to them is like watching paint dry. It's been 6 weeks and he still hasn't responded to them:-( As my dad is terminally ill I need to be driving to get up to the hospital to visit him, it is so frustrating:-( Good luck getting your license back.
  14. I got a positive reply from the neuro nurse specialist:-) She said there were no contraindications to me becoming pregnant:-) I have to lose a couple of stone prior to though as I couldn't imagine trying to lose that on top of extra weight caused by pregnancy. I just need to convince my husband now that I can cope with the fatigue and a baby. Watch this space:-) Thank you for your replies ladies:-)
  15. I began suffering more frequent migraines the week leading up to my SAH. I visited the GP who fobbed me off, even though my BP was extremely high:-( I had had tingling sensations in my arm and foot also but he sent me home saying it was simply stress:-( On the Sunday we were in the car on our way to a dog show (we exhibit our cocker spaniels) we only drove about 1 mile and I felt the most excruciating pain. I vaguely remember vomiting then that was the last of my memories until about 3 1/2 months later. After I was discharged from hospital I asked my husband how he had gotten me plus the dogs out of the car when my SAH hit, apparently I had walked myself out of the car whilst chatting to him. Unbelievable how the mind can protect you isn't it.
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