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  1. Thanks Macca for the info. The professor who operated did say it was a symptom. I don't see him again for 14 months and due to the covid 19 getting to see someone or even going to hospital etc is a no go at the moment. Thanks for your help though. Much appreciated. Carolyn 73
  2. Hi Suzanne Just seen your post. Hope you are getting better each week. It's now 8 months since my SAH . I still have awful fatigue. Some days worse than others but it is still every day. I also get headaches some days but not every day like before. A Neuro consultant gave me 31 botox injections in my head, neck and forehead in December as she said I had hemicrania continua which was not linked to the SAH. They made me have some small issues and did not work initially but 4 weeks later the dizziness and horrendous daily headaches on the right temple subsided my headaches are less frequent but are across both my eyes and forehead when i get them now. I saw the consultant who operated on me in March and had an MRI and he was pleased with my progress. He did say fatigue could last many months/years as it is a symptom felt by many. I can now go out on my own and have even driven my car short distances as I also suffered from PTSD and was anxious outside. Things are improving but like many told me in the beginning- it takes time. An acceptance of the new me took time and sometimes new situations puts me in the back foot. It's difficult when you experience a problem when others see you as "normal" as they are ignorant and don't understand. Please try to stay positive and keep going. Carolyn 73
  3. Hi Janeece Thank you for replying to my post. Like you I am totally fatigued by lunch time. I also have to think of words if I am having a conversation but the dizziness, blurred vision and off balance feeling is quite frightening. I didn't have this in the beginning although I can't remember. On Saturday I had a total emotional breakdown and cried like I have never before. I felt so desolate and it lasted most of the night. It's 10 weeks now since my SAH and I guess I am better than I was it just doesn't feel like it. I have been going out with my hubby on little shopping trips but find I feel a bit insecure at times. I guess I am expecting too much. Hope you are having better days
  4. Hi Janeece I am sorry to hear about your sight. I am sure it will get better with time. I have heard others with that problem and it has taken time to improve. Ask your do to.r or consultant if you are worried. I have blurred vision at times and also have to close my right eye when the pain behind it gets too bad. It's not all the time but it is every day. I am still suffering from extreme fatigue and have to rest and have small naps and if I engage in a meaningful conversation I forget words. My long term memory is ok. I can also forget what I was going to say. I have been very lucky as i look like me but behind the appearance I am not me. I am not sure what you meant when you said you had stitches out. I didn't have any stitches My 3 hr operation to coil the SAH was done via an artery in the groin. I hope you are having a better day and thank you for replying. It's a lonely club we are member of.
  5. Thanks to all your comments Sophieskb that's a good idea 're the diary. I do keep a diary but just write good days bad days etc I think your scoring system could be a good indicator. Today a fatigue day so just rested. I do think the anxiety episodes are a bit PTSD. It is alien to my normal me but I guess I have to take a step back and accept and deal with these strange feelings. Thank you all for your support .
  6. Janeece. The advice you have been given is good advice. The doctor could give you an ECG just to check things out. I can vaguely remember when I was in the High dependency unit 8 weeks ago that I had to have a heart scan as there was something not quite right with the ECG readings. I am going to check with the consultant when I see him for my follow up in January what that was about. I have had to see my GP because of discomfort in my upper chest and lump feeling in my throat. My GP is treating me for reflux at the moment but I have to go back in 3 weeks if no better. There could be a few reasons but get it checked out to give you peace of mind. You are coping with enough with the recovery from the SAH. Hope you get a doctors appointment.
  7. It's now 7 weeks since my SAH and I have had good advice from my previous post but I don't like me at the moment. Yes fatigue, headaches, weepy forgetful and no energy but this monster of a person who emerges with anger is awful and comes from nowhere. I think it emerges at its worst if I am having a conversation and quite rightly someone speaks and I forget what I was saying so I get cross for being interrupted. Also I get angry with my wonderful hubby for almost nothing when he is doing his best and today when lovely son popped in to see me I shouted at him for nothing and can't remember now what for. They are very understanding but I hate why this anger comes and it's not who I am. Carolyn
  8. Hi sophieskb I have just seen your post in February and I thought I had written it. I am 7 weeks post SAH which was coiled. I spent 2 days in HDU and 10 days on a ward. I have awful fatigue, a weak right hand, awful headaches over my right eye and forehead and weepy days. I found this forum a couple of weeks ago and people have been very supportive to my questions. I have been lucky compared to some on here with regards to disabilities but suffer from the initial issues everyone has. I too was wondering about the driving situation. Obviously I am no where near ready or able to drive and don't see my consultant until January and another MRI in feb. I wonder if you or anyone can let me know what their experience was regarding getting their license back Another strange experience I had yesterday. It was a crisp sunny day so after a sleep early afternoon i asked my husband to take me for a little drive to see how i get on. We went to a little farm shop 7 mins up the road. I felt anxious in the car (strange sensation ) I was very weak legged and had to link my husband when we got out of the car. The shop was quite empty which I was glad as I felt quite anxious. I was glad to return home. Maybe it was too soon but I was seeing if I would be ok and was moving on a step further but it made me realise just how debilitating this injury is. Carolyn
  9. Thanks sub zero for your advice. Also Tina and Skippy. I think you are all right as I am not one for doing nothing and think each day I should be better and try to do more and then get tired and frustrated and over think things. I tend to be a bit more active if that's the word getting dressed overseeing hubby prepare the evening meal etc but by lunch time I am finished. Have to lay down and go to sleep. I don't tolerate noise so tv isn't on and I can only just read a few pages of my book and then have to 're read a page as I forget what it is about. I also find I get unexplained tearful weepy days which I can't control for no reason. I do think this condition is a very lonely one as people can see a broken leg but not a broken mind. When people say are you better or ask if you are doing anything I want to cry. I am not feeling sorry for myself just frustrated at how I am not me. I haven't been out anywhere as I am just so weak but I do have a little walk in the garden, weather permitting. I just have to talk to myself and say I am lucky to be here and stop wishing for who I was and concentrate on who I can be. The headaches do scare a bit. Thanks for your support and best wishes to you all.
  10. Hi Everyone I had a ruptured aneurysm 6 weeks ago which was coiled but am at home now. I have fatigue, tiredness and feel weak but that's expected. I have continuous headaches above my right eye and am trying to manage the pain. Has anyone experienced headaches and for how long. Any advice welcome
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