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Applying for provisional license


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Here's one for the collective wisdom.  Having suffered a SAH you must inform the DVLA & they have your license. You're fortunate enough to make it through it all and are told you're fit to drive, so you write off to the DVLA and they scratch their chins and ok.


DVLA rules are quite clear, anyone WITH a license must inform them.

What if you don't have a license? My friend had her surgery 2 years ago and she is now fit and well, she isn't on any medication and hasn't ever been prescribed anything on their controlled list.


Before making her application she checked in with her doctors & GP to be sure she wouldn't have any problems and they confirmed that she could continue life as normal including driving.


 The application forms covers renewing as well as provisional and the your health section clearly says "ever had or currently suffer from", so playing by the rules she ticked yes and filled out a medical form (which you can't do online so it has to be a paper application) sending it all off expecting a small delay because of the post but it should walk through medical. That was 5 Months ago.


Apparently during the pandemic, to relieve pressure on the NHS & doctors the DVLA paused all medical applications so when you phone to check progress all you're told is that your application is with medical and that there are no time limits or target dates for processing.


 I suppose the question here is should she have ticked no, would there be a risk of the £1000 fine if she reapplied online, is the question "ever had" a little unfair, suggesting these no cure or successful treatment for anything.



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Hi there


She definitely did the right thing by saying yes - its not worth the £1000 fine and if she doesn't declare on her insurance once she gets a car, this could also render it null and void.


It may be worth her giving them a call to see where they are with her application and hopefully she'll get a human and not an automated response.

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