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  1. Lori, if this is chest pain and it worries you and eases with aspirin, please either take yourself to the ER or try to get an appointment with your Doctor.
  2. Don't worry about the time it takes to reply - as long as you're getting the info you need. What you've said above is exactly the reason my friend has the pain she has. Hope you find a solution x
  3. Congratulations Colleen - thanks for the update, always nice to know how people are getting on xx
  4. I remember you joining Louise - I'd not long had my SAH and was in desperate need of support and advice - to think that you were already 7 years in when you joined is amazing - I hadn't managed 7 days without needing something or someone to understand. I do remember I was the 9th person to become a member on the wonderful site and it's gone from strength to strength. Louise, I'm so very proud of how you've come on - you may not feel it but you have grown in confidence on here, have given some very insightful and compassionate advice and have become a very integral part of this very special community. All that remains to be said is "Congratulations on your anni-versary" and it is a great privilege to have watched your journey and to count you as a friend xxx
  5. It's my hands that stay the coldest longest - the rest of me can be nice and toasty but my hands remain freezing - only way to warm them is to hold a nice, hot cup of coffee - in the summer to cool them; a nice, cold beer
  6. Hi Sarah I'm 48 and in the last year or so have felt like I'm "going through the change" - I've noticed increased headaches around the "time of the month" and also feeling that I'm not as alert as I was 12 months ago. Also feel at times that I'm not paying attention as the concentration levels have altered. As for temperature regulation, I've suffered with that since my SAH. If I get cold i can't warm myself up and if I get hot, I can't cool myself down - that part is definitely not linked to the menopause for me.
  7. Sarah I'd take your folder with these letters to your next appointment and ask them to explain - even if its to point out to them that its not instilling confidence in you if these are mistakes. Not good for your nerves at all hun x
  8. I can completely understand and empathise with this - it's like listening to myself. I gave up on the books for a little while and read magazines instead - especially those with puzzles in and did those too. Now, I'm reading on average 2 books a week. The tearful and weepy days I also had - I asked my GP to refer me to a counsellor as I was diagnosed with PTSD - it might be worth talking to your GP about this. I was doubtful at first, but my word, how that man helped me was amazing. Please look into it. Don't watch over your husband preparing meals, if people ask if you're OK then answer them truthfully - its the only way they'll begin to understand what you're going through. Never feel ashamed, embarrassed etc - you're a very special person - you survived. Give your mind and brain time to heal and take baby steps - keep a diary of the good and bad days and watch as the bad days become less. The first time I realised this, I danced around my back garden laughing my head off - it felt so good. It will happen, listen to your body and take things slowly - as if you have had a broken leg and can't be a quick as you were.
  9. Hi Carolyn Welcome to BTG. Again, as others have said, you're very early in recovery and headaches, unfortunately, are part and parcel with the fatigue and memory issues. Mine didn't stop for nearly 6 months (mainly due to still trying to do too much too soon) and I didn't stop needing an afternoon sleep until a year later. Tell us a bit more about yourself too - if you feel up to it. It can help you, and others, identify with different recovery, circumstances and experiences. Good luck with your recovery and remember - it can be a long road to recovery, but you're allowed to make as many pit stops along the way as you like. Keeping hydrated and listening to your body are really important too xx
  10. Hi Bev Sorry to hear your symptoms have returned. There are a couple on here who have shunts and I'm sure they'll respond in the morning. To be honest, they generally have good things to say about having a shunt to alleviate their issues.
  11. Hi there Used to remember my dreams in vivid detail - now, nothing! Unless I'm jolted from sleep or something happens during the day to jog the memory, I don't remember a one.
  12. Hi Charlie, Yes it may well be because you're on your mobile - its on the top menu bar where its starts "Welcome, Support Information" and so on.
  13. Hi there I've no limitations at all from a doing what I want to do point of view. The only thing I have had to stop doing is my exercising (used to run and step aerobics) as I can't stand the vibrating feeling I get in my head. Take your experts advice, but if you're not sure why they've given an answer, question it to find out. Enjoy your trip x
  14. Hello and welcome to BTG Matt, I struggled to sleep too and I couldn't take codeine either - it made my headaches worse and I was rushed back into hospital 3 weeks later with another suspected bleed - it turned out to be an analgesic headache brought on by the codeine, so your partner is definitely not alone. Sound advice from Super though - plenty of water is key to keep the brain hydrated. The pain in the back and legs could be from the blood dissipating down the spinal column - mine took about 3 months to go. Definitely take your partner to the GP for advice but maybe see if you can also contact their Neuro team for their advice and knowledge would be more indepth. As for sleep, yes, let your partner sleep when they need to sleep whatever the time - it should eventually regulate itself.
  15. Yeah Chris - agree - Get to work on it Bri - fantastic attitude to have - its how I got where I am now too - go for it!!
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