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  1. Ami, So glad that your boss has been understanding - it makes life just that little bit easier for you as the stress about it all has now gone a little bit. Don't worry about your colleagues - it can be very hard for people to understand, so don't feel scared of explaining it to them. It's like your brain has had the equivalent of a heat attack and no-one would expect you to work full on after one of those. Take care and remember - you are the most important person to you, so look after you xx
  2. Happy (?) Anni-versary Sis Don't beat yourself up about the way you've been feeling. It's a massive change and huge adjustment to get through recovery. I'm 13 years in August and I still have days where I'm scared, frustrated and very angry. I think, in our position, we're entitled to feel a whole range of emotions - good, bad and sometimes darn right ugly - but we are survivors and it is, and always will be, our prerogative!! Good luck with moving and enjoy every step of the path to a new life with John xxx
  3. Hey there I'd be pointing out that you don't have a headache - you have a brain injury and also, if they had fatigue, they'd be dead on their feet. A common misconception that fatigue is tiredness - its not, huge difference between fatigue and being tired. Fatigue is NOT part of working life, tiredness can be, but if fatigue was part of working life the country would come to a standstill. Don't feel slighted or belittled by their ignorance, no matter how innocent and well meant it may be. Only you know how you're feeling and it took me a good year to stop needing mid afternoon naps - I was lucky enough at the time to be working for the family business so could nap - work in from 9am to 6pm would have been impossible otherwise. Now, 13 years on, I work in a very busy, primary school office but still occasionally feel fatigued and always have to have an evening "siesta" on a Friday.
  4. Beautiful words from Neil - have sent me very goosebumpy. May the beautiful woman rest in peace xx
  5. There's a very good saying too - "I look well from afar, but I am far from well"
  6. HI Ami Sorry you have found yourself in this situation. Is there anything your GP /Consultant can send to them to make them realise that this is an unacceptable situation for you? If you'd had a heart attack, no one would be expecting you to work those hours so why should they when you've had a brain bleed?? The problem is we look well enough to - we walk, we talk, we do nearly all the things that we did before but no-one can see the inner battle and pain that we go through on a daily basis, sometimes just to function. Explain to your boss that this not achievable for you right now and tell him hour long it takes to you to recover from each 24 hr shift. I wouldn't be able to do that now, 13 years later, let alone 4 1/2 months.
  7. Told you this group was amazing Kerry - how do you think I got through it all xx
  8. You're more than welcome Karen xx
  9. Kerry, darling, I told you that if this happens again, then you get yourself to A&E you don't crawl to bed. I'll be having words with you at work tomorrow young lady!!
  10. Hey there hun Firstly there is a distinct difference between being frustrated with someone and treating them like a child and they need to know this. Also they need to have more patience with you rather than making you feel like you're frustrating them. If there are things you need to remember, write them down on post it notes and put them in a prominent place so that you can see them. If you have appointments get a wall calendar and also put them in your phone with an alert to go off with plenty of time before so that you don't miss them. At the end of the day you are, quite literally, the injured party and they need to adopt patience so that they don't make you feel like they're treating you like a child. By the same token, you need to remember that they are not treating you like a child, they are trying to help - and at times this is going to frustrating for you all. Patience and understanding all round is the ticket xx
  11. Ironically its a family nobody really wants to have to be a part of but that's what makes us all the more special Glad that you have had the answers to so many of your questions and have been given more information. My GP told me that my aneursym was 2cm!!! It was actually the clot around it that was 2cm the anni itself was less than a CM so it's always worth talking to that certain someone who can give you the correct information.
  12. Well done Paula on seven years. Glad that you have a routine check up and, yes, see it as a positive. I've not had a check up since 18 months post SAH - I'm 13 years in this year. Onwards and upwards hun x
  13. I certainly did and still do now, nearly 13 years on. It's as if the fight or flight reflex has gone into overdrive. You get used to it eventually but it doesn't stop you being startled.
  14. Hey there Whilst you are working these long shifts, are you drinking enough water? Not coffee or tea, but good old water? I sit and stare at a screen from 8am until 4pm and then some more when I come home so about ten hours in all. I'm 12 years in but I've always found that making sure I'm drinking at least two litres of water throughout the day helps with the fatigue and brain function. Definitely make sure, as the others have said, that you rest on your rest days and you take regular breaks from looking at the screen - even if its just closing your eyes for five minutes. Good luck and I hope things improve for you x
  15. Hi Simon Shame that your insurers are "keen" to see progress! Do you they think you are enjoying the current journey you're on???? Not heard of this treatment used for brain hem recovery to be honest. I had cognitive but not in a bid to get me back to work quicker, more for my own peace of mind and sanity. Can't recall anyone on here having hyperbaric therapy either, but someone may pop up.
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