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  1. Ironically mine has gone the other way - I can hear the slightest noise and most things seem amplified - I can hear a clock ticking in the kitchen when I am in the front room with the TV on. Hope that it resolves and you recover your hearing x
  2. Pat, that's wonderful news. Glad that even though you have "retired" you've still find a way to work behind the scenes for the children. That's how I see my job in a school office - I'm not educating the children, bit I'm working behind the scenes to make sure that those who do have everything they need to do so. Congratulations on your anni-versary and your new position xx
  3. Jess, your journey has been an inspirational one to all who have read your posts and have has the privilege to meet you. In short, you're amazing xx
  4. Wasn't told to avoid by my consultant and only avoided it for the first few months after my SAH - I drink about 6 cups of coffee a day and haven't had any adverse reactions. It is supposed to raise blood pressure though, so a good idea to check with your specialist for their opinion. Also, it may cause headaches - try a good quality decaf tea; you can barely tell the difference if you buy Yorkshire Tea (other teas are available )
  5. Hey Ann Hope everything went well and you'll be back soon. Take care xxx
  6. Got everything crossed 🤞 I did see a report last night in the news that said there was a serious back log of reissuing licences, so hopefully it won't be too long.
  7. Mine was the post anterior communicating artery
  8. Dawny it's amazing what they can do now isn't it? I've heard of angiograms through the wrist but not coiling or re-coiling. My coiling was through the top of my right thigh through the femoral artery straight to my brain. Suppose it would depend on where the anni is wouldn't it? Glad that your recovery is going well xx
  9. Hi there Glad you found this amazing community. Can you give us a bit more information about yourself? It helps us get a picture of you and your circumstances - it's also because I'm incredibly nosey , but seriously, so glad you found us.
  10. Hey Dawny Very interested - write more when you've recovered xx
  11. Hey Dawny - fantastic news hun - and yay we got the "Hi everyone..." Rest up and look after you xx
  12. Good luck hun - I'm sure you'll be fine and can't wait to see you post "Hi everyone...." Love and hugs xx
  13. Hi Scott Congrats Agree with Tina, let her read some of the posts on here and she'll get more of an idea than talking to the partner of someone who has had an SAH. Nothing like a first hand account Hope it works out well for you both x
  14. Hi Josie I was constantly worried about it happening again -as I approach 15 years post SAH, I'm at the point where I have stopped worrying about anything that I can't control. My irritability and being cross about everything is down to being menopausal; so am taking tablets to try to realign my hormones and, therefore hopefully, my emotions. Have you had a chat with your GP about how you're feeling? You never know, they could recommend something. Take care xx
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