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  1. Hi Kyle Welcome to BTG - yes, everything you describe is very common after SAH and, for some, does get better with time. Let us know more about yourself and the circumstances of your SAH - it's not just that we're nosy it helps us get an overall picture of you and your recovery - and helps newbies when they join to relate their circumstances and recovery.
  2. Hi Matthew Completely agree with what Subs has said. It's extremely hard for both parties as they are on opposite sides of the fence. I can understand the fatigue thing too - I'm 14 yrs post SAH this year and I still get fatigued after a full day at work - especially if it's been busy. I work in a primary school office, so I'm not walking 1000s of steps a day either. Your wife should definitely take a look on this forum - she doesn't have to create an account you can let her see through yours. Please keep in touch and let us know how you progress - you'll glean a lot of information and comfort from this site.
  3. Welcome to BTG and very glad you found us. I don't have a shunt but there are a couple on here who do, so when they see your post they'll be sure to reply. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself - especially the circumstances surrounding your SAH? Take care and feel free to ask any questions you like - we cannot offer medical advice, but we have a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  4. Hi Sarah So glad that you liked them - we all thought the brightness reflected your mum's warmth and personality. Lots of love and many, many hugs Sami xxx
  5. Oh My Sarah - so very very sad to hear this - in fact, I'm gutted. Your mum never failed to put a smile on my face with her posts, her wit, compassion and her positive attitude - and most definitely her singing. She was a huge part of BTG and she will be greatly missed. As Karen says, she was one heck of a lady. Sending you all so much love and many, many hugs.
  6. Please note that if this site asks for money then be cautious before proceeding or decline as we cannot guarantee this site and therefore cannot take any responsibility for your decision to proceed with any payment of any kind.
  7. It's only come with experience Mark . I was in your position nearly 14 years ago and if wasn't for the BTG and a very patient husband, I'm not sure where or how I'd be now.
  8. Hi Mark So glad that you found us and are able to get comfort and understanding already. You are, however, very early in your recovery so please don't expect too much too soon. I lost over a stone in 3 days hospital stay and my muscles wasted away very quickly leaving me feeling weak, dizzy and easily tired. Make sure that you're drinking plenty of water and, most importantly, listen to your body. Sleep patterns will naturally be disturbed, your brain has been injured and it can't stop working so it will also get fatigued - for me to the point where I got so tired I couldn't sleep. The way around this is to sleep when you need to, not when you should. It's good that you're trying to stay active, but don't overdo it too quickly - your body will definitely let you know about it. My favourite saying is "it's a long road to recovery, but you can make as many pit stops along the way as you like". Remember, its not so much about the destination, but the journey. No matter how little the steps are, they are progress and they mount up. Take care
  9. Hi Brenda So glad you found us too. I can completely relate to all you've said above about your hubby. It's like you're describing me. I couldn't remember people visiting the same day let alone conversations I'd had with people. The irritability was a given - for me it was borne through the frustration of not being able to remember things and not being able to do what I wanted to do. It is very early in recovery and it can be a long road to get there - but we're all different and our timescales will vary. I know it's hard for you right now, but try to stay positive and ignore the irritation. If you have to repeat conversations, then do so, but without reminding him you've had the conversation - hopefully one day he'll turn round and say "We've had this conversation!". We're all here to listen and help you both through this xx
  10. Hi Alison I had this, as have many others. Its apparently the blood dissipating back to where it should be. It is a very strange feeling - almost like a gentle internal massage.
  11. Oh Gem, I cannot express how sorry I am for your loss and under these awful circumstances. I sincerely hope that you manage to give your beloved dad a good send off in the weeks to come. Thinking of you all at this time. Much love and many hugs xx
  12. Matt, no one here thinks for one minute that you trivialising SAH. When I joined all I was looking for is affirmation that the emotions I had were normal / usual after something like this happening. The very fact that you are struggling means that this is not a trivial matter for you at all. Every one of us here came here for help and understanding, no matter what aftermath we were and are going through. There is a wealth of experience and understanding on here and that's what you may need to get you through the next few months.
  13. I'm OK to continue at the moment Karen - will let you know if anything changes x
  14. Hi Matt I completely understand what you're saying. I felt EXACTLY the same when I joined BTG. I had two aneurysms - 1 burst, 1 not - overall not a serious bleed. I have 9 coils split between both. I has my SAH early hours of the Friday morning, operated on Saturday and out of hospital on the Tuesday. I was back at work three weeks later (own business with hubby could sleep when I needed). I had no physical limitations other than tiredness. I now work 37 hours a week in a very busy school office and have worked full time since a year after my SAH. However, you are no more a fraud than I or anyone else here. You had a bleed - the hows, wheres and whys do not matter - it happened and its very hard to come to terms with. I was angry, frustrated and very scared for the first couple of years. The first anni-versary was the scariest - the irrational part of my brain told me that it was bound to happen again on that very same day. I went to hell and back that first year - my emotions were all over the place, I went from the heights of happiness to the depths of depression. I truly thought I was going crazy - it was the scariest time of my life. I lost who I was, what I did and how I felt - I lost me! The best advice is to let time heal, slowly accept your new limitations - the "new" you. I know that I actually prefer the "new" me - I don't sweat the small stuff anymore, I feel I'm more compassionate (maybe not more patient though!). It can be a long road to recovery (and I always say this) but you can take as many pit stops along the way as you like. You'll always find one of us here at each pit stop you make. Feel free to rant, rave, laugh, cry, shout and scream - there will be someone here who knows how you feel at each stop along your journey. Stay positive, look after you first and foremost and rest when your body tells you to!
  15. Well done Diane - that's fantastic xx
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