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    Happily married to a wonderful man, have an amazing, beautiful 21 year old daughter and a gorgeous Springer Spaniel called Buddy
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    Liverpool FC, MotoGP (Valentino Rossi), Music, Reading and Football (Liverpool)
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  1. HI there and welcome to BTG. I' not sure that any of our members have given birth after an AVM but there are a couple who have since their SAH. You say your neurosurgeon is no longer practicing, but surely there will be someone in that department who can look at your records and and your case and advise your Obgyn accordingly. Ask them to write to them as your surgeon is no longer practicing.
  2. Hey Vicki Welcome to BTG. I have a friend that used to be on here and she was clipped. Ever since she has had pain at the clipping site. She's been told that they may have trapped a nerve whilst putting in the plate and that, unfortunately, its something that she would now have to live with and cope with with pain management. She does OK but there are days when it still gets her down that all this time after she's having to still take meds to cope with the aftermath. I hope that they can find a way to help you manage the pain x
  3. Hey there I was exactly the same as you describe above. Bending to put anything away felt like a heavy weight on my head. Moving suddenly made it feel like my eyes were trying to catch up in slow motion to where I'd moved my head to. The woolly feeling - definitely! Feels like you're trying to think through fog and that your brain is wrapped in cotton wool. It does get easier as time goes by and all our journey's are different. I'm coming up to 13 years next month and, for the best part, I actually sometimes forget this has happened to me - or at least I don't think about it so much. Its hard to adjust in the early years, but your husband will find a "new" him and his "new normal". Wishing him, and you, all the best xx
  4. Gorgeous darlink!!! - Wish I looked half as good lovey. Happy Anni-versary - you're an inspirational woman who a lot of people owe their sanity, and possibly their lives, too - I know I owe you big time!!! Lots of love and hugs xxx
  5. Absolutely fantabulous news. That's put a huge smile on my face after a very hard day at work - also put things into perspective regarding my hard day compared to your daughter's daily struggles xx
  6. I've found a love for gardening in the last 18 months as I can't exercise like I used to (gives me a massive headache) so gardening is a fairly light exercise but also very therapeutic.
  7. Definitely get a V pillow!! I've used one since day one and still use it now - I take it everywhere I'm stopping over night too.
  8. Ami, So glad that your boss has been understanding - it makes life just that little bit easier for you as the stress about it all has now gone a little bit. Don't worry about your colleagues - it can be very hard for people to understand, so don't feel scared of explaining it to them. It's like your brain has had the equivalent of a heat attack and no-one would expect you to work full on after one of those. Take care and remember - you are the most important person to you, so look after you xx
  9. Happy (?) Anni-versary Sis Don't beat yourself up about the way you've been feeling. It's a massive change and huge adjustment to get through recovery. I'm 13 years in August and I still have days where I'm scared, frustrated and very angry. I think, in our position, we're entitled to feel a whole range of emotions - good, bad and sometimes darn right ugly - but we are survivors and it is, and always will be, our prerogative!! Good luck with moving and enjoy every step of the path to a new life with John xxx
  10. Hey there I'd be pointing out that you don't have a headache - you have a brain injury and also, if they had fatigue, they'd be dead on their feet. A common misconception that fatigue is tiredness - its not, huge difference between fatigue and being tired. Fatigue is NOT part of working life, tiredness can be, but if fatigue was part of working life the country would come to a standstill. Don't feel slighted or belittled by their ignorance, no matter how innocent and well meant it may be. Only you know how you're feeling and it took me a good year to stop needing mid afternoon naps - I was lucky enough at the time to be working for the family business so could nap - work in from 9am to 6pm would have been impossible otherwise. Now, 13 years on, I work in a very busy, primary school office but still occasionally feel fatigued and always have to have an evening "siesta" on a Friday.
  11. Beautiful words from Neil - have sent me very goosebumpy. May the beautiful woman rest in peace xx
  12. There's a very good saying too - "I look well from afar, but I am far from well"
  13. HI Ami Sorry you have found yourself in this situation. Is there anything your GP /Consultant can send to them to make them realise that this is an unacceptable situation for you? If you'd had a heart attack, no one would be expecting you to work those hours so why should they when you've had a brain bleed?? The problem is we look well enough to - we walk, we talk, we do nearly all the things that we did before but no-one can see the inner battle and pain that we go through on a daily basis, sometimes just to function. Explain to your boss that this not achievable for you right now and tell him hour long it takes to you to recover from each 24 hr shift. I wouldn't be able to do that now, 13 years later, let alone 4 1/2 months.
  14. Told you this group was amazing Kerry - how do you think I got through it all xx
  15. You're more than welcome Karen xx
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