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  1. And I'm sure you'll recover quicker than we did in leaving the massive gaps between winning the league and the European championships. I blame being a Liverpool supporter for a lot of my stress and euphoria in equal measure. But as with me - gone are glory days of the 80s!!
  2. Hi there Those names don't ring a bell - but it was 15 years ago that my hubby got me the book. I've scoured my bookcases but can't find it anywhere - I have a feeling that I wasn't up to dealing with my own at the time, let alone reading about anyone else's, so it probably went to a charity shop. Lots of info from the fantastic Subs on the other thread though.
  3. There was a scottish team football manager who had an aneurysm and wrote a book and I think this was the title as it was the statistic he was given. Can't for the life of me remember who it was though - not Ferguson, way before he had his and I had mine; which is 15 years ago this year.
  4. Hahaha I'm talking regular - dabbled with the other in my early 20s but did nothing for me and preferred alcohol on a night out. Been smoking "regular" for 35 years and Neurosurgeon told me it had nothing to do with smoking and my chances of it happening again would be minimal with or without smoking. He also stated "off the record" that in my particular case, and because of the size of the aneurysm, that smoking probably saved my life - only because my SAH was aneurysmal and they believe it was there from birth. They had given me a full body scan with dye initially and found no
  5. Don't start again if you've stopped - Kudos to you for having stopped. I never did and found it too hard to try to - it's my only real vice but if I know if I had more will power than I'd kick the habit pronto. It's not for lack of trying either unfortunately! For me drinking was a definite no no for about 6 months after the SAH - the hangovers were horrendous even after a couple of pints - I can hold more drink than hubby but for 6months after, WOW, the heads were banging. I agree with Karen, to get more specific answers to certain areas, start a new thread in the me
  6. Hey you The survival % I gave was immediately after a bleed. I was given the same statistics of it happening again as you were and mine was aneurysmal - I have two and both were coiled at the same time. I still smoke as the statistic I was given to carry on smoking was minimally higher - more chance of getting hit by a bus apparently, so I took the personal choice not to give up. I still drink, though only occasionally. You are at the stage where you will question everything, and rightly so, so don't be afraid to ask but you'd be better placed asking the specialists
  7. Don't worry - you haven't offended - I couldn't read the book for months and then still struggled. 0.186% of those that have a brain bleed survive - how's that for perspective hahaha. Apparently you then fall into the other three categories - believe me, when I first read that I was terrified. You can determine those statistics, you can change them, but yes, it will take time and you do have to be patient. So unfortunately, you're going to have to have a word with that gorgeous 18 year old and tell him he has to slow down for the time being; just until you get over the whiskey i
  8. Some of the "older" members on here when the site first started 15 years ago or so contributed to the book and I know what you mean by your comment, but believe me, in a years time re-read it and you'll appreciate it a lot more. When I first joined this site, I couldn't read about others' experiences and, basically, the hell that some people were going through. It depressed and scared me, but I continued reading and, if anything, it made me more determined that I wasn't going to let this dominate my life. It made me more intent on beating it and getting back to the best version of the "old
  9. God bless our Darling Winnie - still sit and read the Private Messages some days, just to put a smile on face. Keep singing darling Win xx
  10. Hi there Daniel We cannot give medical advice or give answers to "What are Post Stroke Fatigue or the actual Post stroke recovery pains and what could be something else that needs investigating" as we are all different and would all go through this in different ways. The only advice I can give is, speak to your Gp and see if they can refer you to a specialist to discuss - or if you're due a follow up appointment with your Neurologist, ask them At the moment it certainly does sound like you have far too much, far too quickly and yes, you are now paying the price. You n
  11. Ilse, that's great news on all counts - remember to still take it easy when you can though. I am so loving your attitude to life and your recovery - well done you!! xx
  12. Hi Adam, and yes, a very warm welcome to the 'family'. I can't imagine what going through this alone in hospital must have been like for you, or for your family not being able to be there with and for you either. I agree with Sarah regarding the comment about yours "being a good one" - no-one can define a brain bleed as good in any way, shape or form! It might not have been "serious" but a bleed is a bleed and it has a massive impact on the patient and those around them. As for the 6 - 8 week recovery, a slightly unrealistic standard time frame given by med
  13. Hi Rosie I'm 15 years in this year and every bad headache has me in a panic. My energy levels are nowhere near what they were, but I also put this down to being 15years older. However, even in the first few years after, I tired more easily than I did before and would often need a snooze on the sofa. Trying not to worry is easier said than done, but also helps a lot. Don't compare yourself to to pre-SAH, compare yourself after it and now - only then can you see how far you have truly come xxx
  14. I had the AstraZeneca jab, 1st dose, last Friday and had a bit of arm ache for a couple of days, but nothing else. Have felt completely fine. Like Sallios said though, everyone is different and there have been different side effects for different people.
  15. Fingers crossed for you Tony - no feeling like getting that licence back. Keep us updated x
  16. Ilse, all I can say is "Well done girl" - believe me, that attitude and humour will be a great asset to your recovery. My husband has always said that it was stubbornness and humour that got me through the tough days. Loving you and your outlook already xx
  17. Hi Ilse and welcome. So glad that you've found the site helpful and realise that you aren't alone. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself - age, job etc. Don't worry about your English either - it's probably better than a lot of people's that I know whose first language is English!! You seem to have kept your sense of humour too, believe me this is a huge bonus and get me through a lot of tough days. All I can advise at the moment is to take your time going back to work full time (not sure what you do, hence the request to tell us a bit more ab
  18. Hi Keyo Welcome to the site and to the family. I can completely identify with what you are saying. I hated not being able to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. However, I soon realised that what I wanted and what my body and brain needed were two very different things. The adjustment is hard to begin with and I also found it very frustrating. My expectations were completely blown out of the water after my SAH. I know it isn't easy but you have to adjust those expectations and do everything within your limits - such as they are right now. A
  19. Congrats Daff - certainly am cherishing those small wins right now!! Hope you've had a lovely day xx
  20. Hi Rory Welcome to BTG and so glad you found us - this place is truly a life saver. As for what your Doc told you about 6 weeks - I wish they'd look at forums like this before they give unrealistic expectations. You'll find a wealth of information and experience here - as well as true understanding of the journey that lays ahead of you. Definitely join in the banter in the Green Room - one of the biggest saviours for me was keeping a sense of humour alongside the determination, and the Green Room is where we "meet" to have a chat and laughs. Loo
  21. Hi Clare Congratulations on your six year anni-versary. You've certainly been and inspiration and incredible support to so many on here. Like Subs said, you've set yourself challenges and have never given up reaching those goals. You're amazing and I hope your day is too xxxx
  22. Hi Ann Fantastic news for you - fingers crossed the news is great in July too xx
  23. Happy Anni-versary Super Hope you've had a lovely day - congrats xx
  24. Hey there Agree with everything Tina has said - be kind and accepting to yourself as well. Regarding the uncontrollable outbursts - I see you're only 3 years older than me and I'm going through the same thing at the moment. However, I do know what's causing them - the flaming menopause!!! And I do notice that the symptoms are worse the nearer it would be to my monthly cycle. Is that ringing true for you at all? It's still worth talking to your doctor if you can, they may be able to help somehow, but identifying the reasons is just as helpful and may help
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