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  1. Hi Rory Welcome to BTG and so glad you found us - this place is truly a life saver. As for what your Doc told you about 6 weeks - I wish they'd look at forums like this before they give unrealistic expectations. You'll find a wealth of information and experience here - as well as true understanding of the journey that lays ahead of you. Definitely join in the banter in the Green Room - one of the biggest saviours for me was keeping a sense of humour alongside the determination, and the Green Room is where we "meet" to have a chat and laughs. Loo
  2. Hi Clare Congratulations on your six year anni-versary. You've certainly been and inspiration and incredible support to so many on here. Like Subs said, you've set yourself challenges and have never given up reaching those goals. You're amazing and I hope your day is too xxxx
  3. Hi Ann Fantastic news for you - fingers crossed the news is great in July too xx
  4. Happy Anni-versary Super Hope you've had a lovely day - congrats xx
  5. Hey there Agree with everything Tina has said - be kind and accepting to yourself as well. Regarding the uncontrollable outbursts - I see you're only 3 years older than me and I'm going through the same thing at the moment. However, I do know what's causing them - the flaming menopause!!! And I do notice that the symptoms are worse the nearer it would be to my monthly cycle. Is that ringing true for you at all? It's still worth talking to your doctor if you can, they may be able to help somehow, but identifying the reasons is just as helpful and may help
  6. Hi Phil As Subs said, no need to apologise, its what we're all here for. Fatigue is a huge, and somewhat unknown, result of SAH - some suffer, some don't. Mine didn't really disappear or abate for about 5 years. I was back at work really quite soon and two years on was working from 9am to 6pm - it was horrendous. I'd come home and fall asleep for an hour and then still sleep for 8 hours a night. I can honestly say that it took a good 5 to 6 years for it to calm down. I now work in a very busy school office from 8am to 4pm and the mental energy is still draining, bu
  7. Hey there - a question to ask is whether the bleed was caused by an aneurysm or a tear in the artery - it may go someway to explaining why they couldn't locate the bleed if they can't tell you either way.
  8. Hi there Don't worry about posting in the "wrong" place just now - we Moderators can move things where they need to be. Welcome to BTG and although we cannot give you medical advice, you will find a wealth of experience and sympathy here. Have a look around the forum and see if there's anything that you find of use or help to you. Right now you need to concentrate on you and try to look on the bright side of things as much as possible It's a long road to recovery but you can make as many pit stops along the way as you like. It's not a race and everyone r
  9. Hi there Sorry that this wait is making you anxious, but due to COVID a lot of things will be delayed. I had a follow up scan 6 months and 18 months after and nothing since - I'm now 14 1/2 years on. If there is a telephone number on the letter, try calling and ask where they're at with your appointment, but COVID has had a huge impact on appointments and operations, so though it's easier said than done, try not to worry too much.
  10. They certainly do Sarah - will be interested to hear all about it when you've been. Hope you manage to relax and enjoy Christmas hun xx
  11. Ah Sarah WOW four scans - at last they're being thorough. What types are they, do you know? And yes, so much for trying to save them paper - at least you now have your appointment / s and its not too long to wait. Take care hun xx
  12. Hi Suzanne Congratulations on your first anni-versary - and yes, it's a very strange one to deal with - I was really quite scared and emotional on mine. Next year will be easier xx
  13. A fantastic legacy in honour of a fantastic man who has left a huge hole in so many lives xxx
  14. Hey there Congratulations on your 1st anni-versary My first was the hardest to deal with and, like you, I probably felt worse that day than I had in a long time. Possibly the anxiety and irrational thought that it was going to happen again on that same day didn't help. I totally get the feeling of wanting the inside of your head massaging and its the perfect way to describe how it feels - I still get that feeling occasionally - especially after a busy day at work. Thanks for popping in and telling us how you're getting on and I hope your recovery continues
  15. Loobie Lou WOW!! Congratulations sweetheart. It's a privilege to know you and watch your journey as you have, literally, gone over, under or around to reach your goal. You've done amazingly well and have come so very far, especially with all the hurdles you have faced along the way. When I first joined BTG I was so very frightened and had not idea what had happened to me or what it meant. You joined shortly after and it was seeing your determination and bravery that spurred me on too. You're an amazing woman, with a heart of gold and we're lucky to have you xxx
  16. Hi JH I believe when they say "without cause" it means the absence of an aneurysm. Any type of SAH is technically classed as a stroke as its a disturbance of the blood flow to the brain. My SAH was caused by a ruptured aneurysm and I was paralysed down the right hand side of my body until after surgery. 14 years on it is still weak compared to my left side. I know that all these tests will be exhausting for your mum and you'll be feeling very protective of her and not wanting her to be poked, prodded and scanned but they wouldn't be doing anything is if it wasn't nec
  17. Hi JH A very bizarre sequence indeed. As Tina said, your mum is in the best place and I'm sure the Drs will be doing everything they can to find out what has happened. We cannot give medical advice here, but we can offer support and experience. All I can personally deduce from this is that your mum has had a NASAH (and that is not to say I'm right and is something you MUST ask her specialists) - which is rip/rupture/tear of an artery wall without the aneurysm. There is a section on this forum for NASAH and it might be worth you having a look arou
  18. Hi there As Super said, we cannot give medical advice and this is something that you should discuss with your surgeon. I have had two operations under general anaesthetic since my bleed and have not suffered any after effects at all.
  19. Hi there I've got people that I don't see that often anymore but more to do with life than my SAH. I have two really close friends who were there before and have been there since. If they're seeing as a "burden" then, sorry, but they're not really friends. Do you know that they didn't invite you because they'd see you as a "burden" or did they not invite you so as not to make you either 1. feel guilty about not being able to go or 2. feel that you had to? Is there one of these friends that you're closer to than others that you can maybe ask??
  20. Hi Shaw I had headaches for six months prior to my bleed and were especially bad the day of it - constant pressure pain in the front of my head and eyebrows. Mine was caused by an aneurysm though, and I've been told that they're not related to the bleed. Hope all goes well with your scan x
  21. Happy Anni-versary Jess Agree with all - you've come soooo far since I first "met" you - and it was great to actually meet you in the flesh those few times. You're a fantastic mum, a good friend and a wonderful person to know - proud to know you xx
  22. Macca - happy anni-versary and wedding anniversary You're a wise and compassionate man who has been there for anyone and everyone who needed you and you never fail to have the time to pass on your wise words - it most certainly is a pleasure knowing you
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