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Ideas for recovering when you have issues

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Hi guys,


Again, this site is a life saver. I am a little over a year from my stroke and doing great, in general.


However, I sometimes do too much and feel headachy and anxious. Does anyone have ideas to help with this?


I am going to try meditation but it is frustrating because I am never know what is going to trigger it. Sometimes, it is too much exercise; sometimes, it is too much  work/thinking.


I think this is normal, even a year later, but it is infuriating. Does anyone else have this happen?


Thanks for any ideas.

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Hi Esedlock


You sound just like I was for years , go to:

    Advice & tips/healthy living/benefits  

find the topic Flooding sensory overload of the brain. 

This video explains what’s happening to your brain I found it a big help.

I also found mindfulness a great help 


Your fortunate you found this site so early I was 8years post SAH before I found it.

You have to learn to slow down and work around your problems.

Good luck let us know how you get on.

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@Compostc Thank you so much. I didn't realize there were so many resources on this site. I really appreciate it. I know what my trigger was this time: I went to a kick boxing class last night. It was WAY too much for my brain. I am going to keep learning and appreciate your help.

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