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  1. Hi Ericp Reading your post reminded me of numbness and pain in the lower spine l suffered it used to drive me crazy. My son got me a little vibrating cushion that seemed to ease it a bit. I was in hospital for three weeks and it took about three weeks after that to clear up. Take it easy and don’t try to rush things.
  2. Dawny it’s good to hear that your getting stronger every day, your right to trust the surgeons without them we wouldn’t be here. Put your feet up and take it easy for a few weeks.
  3. Hi Dawny I’ve never heard of going in via the wrist so I’ll be interested to hear more. Seems like the worry was worse than the operation. Even so take it easy. Compostc.
  4. Thanks Tina Louise and Swishy. we got a cocker spaniel puppy two weeks ago so she’s keeping me very busy at the moment, Also making me laugh and smile a lot which I haven’t done for a long time.
  5. That is great news. But I don’t think running after busses and getting pregnant is mandatory.
  6. Since my SAH l thought that pushing to the limit was the way to get better. Then I watched the video flooding sensory overload and read a few other things and realised I was completely wrong. That was in November, my life is totally different now. A lot of the time the front of my brain would feel numb and I couldn’t think straight which led to numerous other problems. I realise now that I was creating problems that didn’t exist which would cause stress for weeks even months. Lockdown has helped by eliminating a lot of my triggers and I don’t push myself anymore, I’ve found I can actually do more work now. Mindfulness has also helped. lt annoys me that in all these years I couldn’t work it out myself but I suppose that’s what brain injuries do. So I’m looking forward to a much happier stress free life.
  7. Update growth on burr hole went to clinic yesterday, showed the lady a photo before I knocked it off. She said it was nothing to worry about it wasn’t skin cancer and was easy treated. She got a canister of liquid nitrogen and sprayed it. So today I have a burn mark where it was, so that’s it I don’t have to go back.
  8. Hi Dan Hope you take notice of what Daffodil says. Especially mindfulness I was of the same opinion as you, and I certainly wouldn’t join a group, I did download the book, and it works for me. Keep up the gardening and enjoy the rest of the summer. Compostc
  9. Hi Michelle Congratulations on your 7th anniversary the Lake District seems to be doing you the world of good. Keep up the walking and enjoy the rest of the summer. Compost
  10. Update on growth on burr hole. Had phone appointment with doctor at 3.30 sent photo she asked me to go to surgery at 5.00. Had a look then referred me to a clinic, had letter from clinic two days later saying they would contact me with appointment. ln the meantime I hit my head on a door and knocked growth clean off, it didn’t even bleed just left a small red mark. So I phoned doctor and sent photo, she still wants me to go to clinic. Still waiting for them to contact me with appointment.
  11. Hi Daniel I had a scan six months after my release a month later I met with consultant and others for results They showed me pictures of the actual coiling, and pointed out the tiny co-existing Nicola. I think I had another three scans to check on this, then after five year l was discharged as there was no change in its size. I never think about it, their must be thousands of people with them that don’t know were the lucky ones we do. I haven’t smoked since my SAH which I’m really pleased about, I try to eat healthy and get plenty exercise. You're fortunate you found this site so soon it took me eight year. Best of luck Compostc.
  12. Hi Daffodil yes that’s what I mean I thought they called it a shunt in hospital but the way I was then they could have called it anything. l would like to think it was a damaged hair follicle but they are few and far between on my head. l don’t think phone appointment will be much good, but it’s a start Ps green with envy seeing you paddle boarding I was going to have a go last year, but like everyone else holiday was cancelled. Thank you Compostc.
  13. Just wondered if anyone had a growth in the dint in their head where the shunt was. In the last month one has appeared on mine, it’s like a mole although white and seems to be growing fairly quickly. I have a phone appointment with my doctor next Monday. Be grateful for any info.
  14. Great news Tony you should get the letter in a couple of days. l had no vision problems just the normal delays you expect from DVLA. After weeks of phone calls I eventually got someone helpful who said she look into my case. Five minutes later she phoned me back and said she would send me a letter to show to police if stopped. Two days later the letter came, two days later my license arrived. Funny thing is the lady was called Karen, the girl assigned to me at the job centre who’s father had a SAH and was brilliant was also called Karen, then I find this site and another fantastic Karen. So I think if you need help try to find a Karen.
  15. Hi Swishy Congratulations on your fourth anniversary, your grandson and your sons engagement. seems like you’re doing a good job of making every day count. I agree the human body is an amazing thing I’ve learned to treat mine a lot better recently. Keep enjoying life to the full. clive
  16. After watching this video in November I thought it was time to make some changes. So three month later I feel better than I ever have since my SAH. I would like to say that it’s down to me, but it’s mostly down to COVID. Lockdown has eliminated most of my triggers, plus I’ve done very little work. Self isolating twice, two weeks off over Christmas, two weeks off hurt my back, plus floods and snow. Trouble is next three months I have a lot of catching up to do, after seeing how good life can be I'm determined to make changes. It will be interesting to see what happens, l know that I’ll overdo it some days, hopefully not many. I've also been doing mindfulness which is very helpful. Seem to be getting on top of COVID and spring coming so hopefully happy days ahead. Compostc.
  17. Suzanne congratulations on your first anniversary and for stopping smoking. Enjoy life. Compostc.
  18. Thank you Daffodil I knew something made me feel dreadful but having it explained like this will help me a lot. I know to avoid certain shops (lights) younger grandchildren (noise)and a few more. The latest is when things go wrong on this iPad which is quite often. I've learnt more in a week on this site than I have in eight years. Thanks again Compostc
  19. I get it CaseyR. That describes me, physically I can do anything but not for very long. Compostc.
  20. Hello Subzero thanks for the welcome. I am enjoying my garden more now, my grandchildren make sure no fruit goes to waste.although I seem do be doing more work for other people lately, Hello Louise thanks for welcome. Looks like the same weather as here up the east coast today. Good chance to put my feet up as I did to much again yesterday Hello CaseyR Thanks for the welcome. I think we were lucky being older. I don’t know how younger people cope especially with children. I have four grandchildren l find it hard coping with them. They think I’m a miserable old # but I’m not really. Compostc
  21. Hello to Swishy Diggly Dog and Tina. Thank you for the warm welcome. I’ve been looking at this site for a while now so I realise how informative it is. I had been a self employed gardener for 25 year and never got back full time but I still do a little bit. I would be lost without my iPad now especially with Covid . Sorry not to answer individually I haven’t done anything like this since school Thank you again Compostc.
  22. Hello from Compostc 66year old male had my Sar 21 07 2012. I got my iPad this year so am just learning. Wish i had it 8 year ago This site would have helped me a lot back then. I can’t fault the hospital treatment and care but once discharged I was just left to get on with it. I think I’m still getting better though I still do to much . never seem to learn
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