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Stiffening up!!!

Guest Tracey

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Thanks for your welcomes and replies to my introductory post.

I was wondering if any of you could help with a question that I have about fitness levels since SAH. Now I dont expect to be running any marathons or such but I seem to be stiffening up post coiling. I used to be quite a quick sort of person always walking too fast for my friends and the like but everything is like slowed right down now. My muscles seem to ache particularly my right arm. Even when Im not feeling tired I just seem to trudge along at a snails pace everything is such an effort. I feel very unfit and Im now 9 months down the line and dont see any improvement in this department I try to go walking and stuff but it doesnt seem to do much good. Have any of you had this problem? Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Hi Tracey,

If you feel as though you're havng problems with movement, go and have a chat with your GP. Hopefully they will be able to refer you for some physio.

Did you suffer any paralysis?

I suffered temporary paralysis down my left hand side. It's kind of left me walking like a toddler, a bit "plinky plonky" as I would call it. I'm 18 months post SAH, but it's only in the last few months that I've been getting some help. My right side of the body tends to over compensate for the left, as it's far weaker. I'm due to start some gym work and they're hoping to strengthen my core balance.

I hope that you will go and have a chat with your GP, as the physio does help. I'm also purchasing one of the huge gym balls, to do some exercising at home.......I've just ordered one from Avon......I'm not sure what it's going to be like, but I'm willing to try anything. I've used one at physio and it's gentle exercise, but pretty effective.

Love Karen x

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