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My brother is at 16 months post op and still has lock jaw. Unfortunately his surgeon didn't tell the truth about several things,  so we certainly didn't get an answer on the lock jaw.  We know he had a 'vascular injury" during surgery and hemorrhage. Surgeon didn't even admit to that.  I suspect he had a SAH about 2 weeks after surgery.  


I haven't been able to find much literature on lock jaw after craniotomy, but I see a lot of stories here.  I'm looking for what caused it,  how you progressed, what worked for you or did nothing work?  Desperate, as my brother is devastated 😢 and trying anything.

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Hi Lisa a very warm welcome to BTG :) 


So very sorry to hear your brother still has lock jaw after surgery.  Apologies i can't offer you any advice on the lock jaw other than if you have not already, get a second opinion from another specialist. There maybe other members here that can advise.  As you say, try anything that may help your brother with his recovery. 


Wishing you both all the best and hope your brother finds some answers and his lock jaw improves. 


Take care

Tina xx





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