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Husband's Death

Guest Lori

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Hi My name if Lori I lost my husband 66 years old On Sept. 6. to a Intercrannial Bleed. No warning nothing. I am having a very difficult time understanding why. We were married only 4 years it's just not right someone so fulll of life is gone. I am sure there are many sad stories out there if some one could help me understand I would realy appreciate it. Thank You Lori llori1215@earthlink.net

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Hi Lori,

I'm so very sorry to hear about the sad loss of your Husband. I can't begin to imagine how you must be feeling and how difficult a time it must be for you. I'm a survivor of a SAH and I know how lucky I am to have been given another chance at life, but I also know that many others don't get that chance.

I wish I could answer your question as to why this happened to your Husband. I just hope that anybody else reading your posting, that has also experienced bereavement will be willing to share their own experience with you.

Sorry, that I'm probably not much help to you......but there's always a friendly ear here....that's if you want to talk.

Love Karen x

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Lori-I am so sorry to hear of your sad and so sudden a loss.

When the dearest person to you is apparently taken away without any reason it must be the absolute hardest thing in the world.

I can speak with some experience in my family and my wife's of tragic loss.

My dad died very quickly of leukaemia when he was 30 and I was 2 leaving mum with 2 young kids to look after.

My wife's husband died very suddenly of meningitis he was 30 and left a young daughter-they switched off hie life support system as he was brain dead.

My wife's twin brother committed suicide in a very violent way- he was 36.

What were the reasons? I really don't know..Life seems so unfair at times doesn't it?..Why do bad things always apparently seem to happen to good people?

All of us on this site know how brain injuries -particularly bleeds are very serious and over half of those who experience them just don't pull through.

This is a very difficult time for you-my heart goes out to you...but time does help to heal such terrible loss and tragedy..It doesn't seem like that at the moment ..it is not until you look back on events that you sometimes see that you have moved on..you have got stronger..Yes it is still really hurting ..but I see those in my family who have eventually come through the other side.

Have you got other friends at family around you? I do hope so..because their valuable support will help pull you through.

Lori-my prayers are with you and whilst no-one can give you the reason

that this terrible thing has happened-you will come through the other side.

Big Hugs

Andy P

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