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Vitamin Supplements/Herbal Remedies/Cold and Flu Remedies.

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We've often discussed using herbal remedies on this site.....some herbal remedies as we know contain blood thinning agents, which shouldn't be used by anybody that has suffered a haemorrhage.... such as Ginkgo.

Unfortunately, a lot of the natural alternative medicines don't come with any indications of who shouldn't take them.....apart from pregnant or breast feeding women, which I think is the only warning that I've seen on these medicines.

The only vitamin supplement that I take now, is a Vitamin B Complex, which helps maintain the nervous system, skin, muscle and red blood cell production.

I also take St.John's Wort, every other day, rather than taking prescribed anti depressants from the Doc, as they made me feel pretty ill. Again, St.John's Wort interferes with the contraceptive pill....

With any medicines and remedies, you really do need to check them out and make sure that you are able to take them. If in any doubt then you should contact your GP to make sure.

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