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Problem with vision

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Hi everyone,

I was in company Saturday night and suddenly had the feeling that a contact lens had fallen out.

I felt that the strength of one eye was stronger than the other and touched my cheek to see if a lens had fallen out. It had not and it then occurred to me that it was my vision.

The eye corrected itself, but the problem transferred to the other eye. The problem went back and fore for about a minute.

It was akin to taking a strong painkiller and experiencing a visual distortion.

The problem corrected itself and has not returned.

I 'think' that there have been two occasions today when I have heard a 'whooshing' noise in my ears; but I cannot be sure whether it was internal or maybe there was an actual noise that I was hearing.

I'm telephoning the doctor today, but I was wondering if this has been experienced by anyone else.

I don't feel in pain, but have certainly felt the need to be on my own today and have been a bit lethargic.

Any ideas???!!!


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No Idea!

I do get occasional dizzy feelings, pains that come and go and tinnitus. I find it very hard to tell wether I have just become over sensitised to every slight change or wether it is something to do with the SAH. I do now tend to ignore most of them and put them down to the after effects, which is why I did not tell the doc about my eye ache and now I have to go see the neuro surgeon! :)

So I think you are right to get in touch with your doctor to see what they say.

Good Luck


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I know what you mean.

I don't want to become hyper sensitive to every twinge and relate everything back to the SAH.

I did read your post on eye socket pain, but I have not experienced the same.

I didn't realise you were going to see a neuro surgeon. I hope everything pans out well for you.

I have made an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow. I need to have my BP checked, so I may as well mention the problem with vision.

It's been a few months since I last had a torch shone in my eye, burning my retina; and I do miss it... (Joke!!!)

Thanks for your reply, (as always!)


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Hi Lynne

I hope you get some answers from your GP. Let us know.

It is difficult for us not to get over-sensitive about every twinge, it is a natural reaction. But you haven't had this eye thing before have you?

I get little twinges now and again and put it down to the SAH after-effects, where I should probably ask my GP or the hospital about it! I have been making some notes for my follow-up appointment at the operating hospital in Feb. if I don't write it down I won't remember anything when I get there!... :oops:

Ooh, the torch regularly shone in both eyes was especially enjoyable after having the SAH and after the op too... :shocked: (I am also joking!)

Kel x

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Hi Lynne, following my SAH I now have to wear glasses perminantly where as before I only needed a pair for reading. My vision has definately got worse and I also get a lot of ringing (tinitus) in my ears which I will be mentioning to the specialist when I see him at the end of the month.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply to me.

It is correct Kel, that I have not experienced this problem until now, so I do think I need to mention it to the doctor.

Kelv - It is interesting that you describe similar symptoms. Maybe it is a side effect of the SAH, but not necessarily an indicator of something untoward. We should both mention it to our medical professionals, however.

I received a letter form the opticians the other day, saying that I need an eye test, so maybe I should go along to that.

I will let you know how things go.


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Hi Lynne,

Think it would be worth mentioning it to the Doc and if not make that appt at the optician.

My experience sounds different to yours, but my eyes went funny in June last year. (19 months after sah) Everything I looked at had another image on top. It was the weekend and I was basically trying to ignore it knowing that the local doctors surgery and opticians were closed. It was my daughter who was more concerned and called my parents over, they persuaded me to ring NHS Direct which I did. I was told a doctor would ring me back and when he did and heard my history told me to make my way over to the collaborative?? unit at a Sheffield hospital where they would assess me and if needs be get me admitted to the neuro ward at the other hospital in Sheffield. Unfit to drive I asked my Dad to take me. I was just getting a few things together when the Doctor rang back and said he had had second thoughts and had ordered an ambulance to take me straight to the correct hospital.

After a ct scan and a night in hospital I was told it was probably an acephalgic migraine. (Never experienced one before or since - touch wood) An MRI scan was arranged a few weeks later, but that threw a blank as to the reason for the double vision. However it was good that I had been checked over. My vision returned to normal the next day thankfully. I am not trying to put the wind up anyone who reads this- rather to say don't dismiss problems with eyes. Always get them checked out.


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