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For Tracey - Hereditary Link

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Thanks Karen,

I will let you know how it goes. I think he will be fine. He is genetically more like my mum, as in hair colour, eye colour and blood group,etc whereas I am more like my dads side with colouring and blood group although the doctors wont acknowledge none of this matters. It was the neuro who persuaded my brother to have the scan as he wasnt too keen at first, They gave him all the gloomy statistics ie, 50% of peole whose aneurysm ruptures will die and many more less than favourable stats. They kind of had a prevention is better than cure type of attitude and were definately persuasive in favour of the scan. H e mulled over it for a couple of weeks and then decided to have it done. I am very interested in the hereditary thing, it seems a very covert issue in the medical world.

I will keep you posted,

Thanks again


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Hi Tracey,

Well, I shall hope and pray that your brother is going to be absolutely fine and that he's given the all clear.

The screening issue of first degree relatives is a big one........I often worry about my own kids, who are 20 and 16. My Mother-in-law also had to have an aneurysm coiled......she had a pulsing feeling through her ears and so they caught it before the SAH happened. However, she died about 3 years ago, nothing to do with the coiling, but a brain tumour. So, if this risk is on both sides of the family, then yes, I worry about my childrens future. We have a history of heart problems and stroke in my own side of the family, but the stroke of the "clotting" kind, rather than a bleed.

I'm not sure whether or not I would have wanted to have known that I had a "ticking time bomb" in my head..........would I have done the stuff that I have?....I really don't know? Probably not......not being able to live a full life, would have been such a waste...

I still don't know how I feel about screening..........if you'd have asked me before I had the SAH, I would have probably said "yes" to it ...... and definetly "yes" if they could fix it there and then......but I'm not sure how I would have lived my life, if I had an aneurysm that they didn't consider "large" enough, to act upon was inside my head. I probably wouldn't have given birth, had my children etc....

It's a hard one.............I do worry about the headaches that my kids get...and I pray that they won't have to go through this.....

Love to you all,

K xx

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